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the lack of agency of anime girls

to be honest…the more I look back on it, the more I have to laugh at how badly written the fem/ale characters were in m/agi. The only good ones were Sche (and she fucking died, lol) and Morg and Elizabeth. Toto was a bitch one second, then bam, married the next.

Serendine was just…there, nice one second, then evil the next. And damn if the creator doesn’t like giving her characters big boobs…she certainly did give most of them that. It’s like…all they did was exist for male characters. Every single.fucking. female existed just for a male.

Morg existed for both boys to fawn over her…


but by far the worst of it, imo, is undoubtedly…kou/gyoku.

Kou/gyoku started out as a great, badass warrior who was someone who just took your breath away because she was so unapologetically cold and badass. However, the second she fell in love, she lost that air of interesting and instead became this…annoying…caricature that didn’t suit her at all, to the point where I was wondering if this crying, sobbing brat that got fooled so easily over an obvious lie was the same smart, sharp and badass girl I’d met before.

then i realized her biggest weakness: her cha/racter fell apart because she did no independent things of her own, every bit of her existence centered around male cha/racters. Looked up to two male figures, no femal/e figures in sight, no fem/ale friends, only 1 male fr/iend and only male love interests.

when do the girls in this series really talk to each other? Hardly, if ever.

my main problem with the “love interest” thing is that’s all it turned her into. It ruined her character to the point where I couldn’t even recognize her. How could she be icy queen one second and then be lovestruck teenager the next? That’s not possible, unless of course you’re just bad at writing.

as more emphasis was put on her prettiness by the author, the more I felt myself losing touch with her character. Oh and then zepar, oh noes she’s being controlled by one man another man has to save her!

Nothing quite like the damsel in distress crap to save the day.

Then we get this…look from her, which unsettled me a lot, to say the least. She looks less like a person and more like some doll. Her suddenly looking all pretty AND GORGEOUS LIKE A DOLL bothered the shit out of me for some reason I couldn’t comprehend, until it suddenly hit me today while reading the essay, “Asian Women in Film: No Joy, No Luck,” by Jessica Hagerdorn. In it, the author describes her frustration with how limited womens’ roles in Asian media seem to be and suddenly her complaints made sense: “if we are good, we are child-like, submissive, and silent,” exactly how Kougyoku is as an empress:

She looks less human and more like a doll, like a living model of a human. No wonder her eyes creeped me out more and more as time went on. The ideal Japanese woman is one who is sweet, kind and obedient which is why she even forgives the man who hurt her and ruined her life and even forgives the dude who walked out on her while she was suffering.

By far the weirdest thing, I think, is, how when it comes to her relationship with Ali…she just…loses her independence and thinking. She loses her ability to do anything reasonable. She has to be TOLD to do a speech, TOLD how to support her empire, all the while looking clueless. (All while thinking she doesn’t understand what he’s talking about)

She has to be TOLD that SHE did this when she should fucking know already, given rather bland and obvious words of encouragement which should already be obvious to her…as if to show that she can’t do anything without a man telling her what to do.

By the way, it’s really irritating to see a formerly competent female character fail at running an empire but as soon as a man comes back into her life-oh wow, she can do everything.

Time and again, she has to be told what to do and encouraged. Wow, what a great way for a character to be.

And yet any defiant females (like dunya, myers, Toto and morgiana…one dies and the other two ultimately settle down and become perfect women, all pretty.)

Which is why I’m still shocked she didn’t get with anyone. I mean, come on, look how much she was sexualized. Her freaking outfit shows her in a skintight outfit showing her boobs ffs. There are always closeups of her face and her big wide eyes and such…she’s practically turned into such a paragon of cuteness it frankly makes her face come off as creepy because her eyes became too huge for her face.

independent thinking in women=bad.

dependent thinking in women=good

And it’s not just in this series, I keep seeing it over and over again in other series. Other characters have to fall in love and get married. Not only does this character miraculously avoid that fate by remaining single!!!! at the end of a series, she’s also thankfully spared that unending pit of “friends must become lovers” shit.

I just think in general Japan has a problem with making females who aren’t constantly dependent on men…I mean look at Saki…and at Sakura…there’s something wrong here.

the best girls are the shy, quiet obedient ones.

and of course, something bad happens to all these quiet. shy women

Even Euphie and Shirley exist to be love interests for another male character, Saki’s is so bad she literally revolves around the male character.

at least Euphie has a fair amount of independence.

But even so…how can we make more anime girls who don’t fall back so much on men and who have normal female friendships…? Or even female relationships? Saki has a group…for like two seconds, then gone, bam, guys are all that matter.

Outside of her sisters, Euphie has no female friends or figures.

Shirley at least has many females as her friends.

Sachi is the only girl in an all male group. (S/ao is also well-known for being misogynistic so this is not unheard of.)

kougs and morg are apparently friends even though they never talk to each other.

That’s as believable as Euphemia and Nina; practically non-existent at best, condescending at worst. Why can’t anime outside of mahou shoujo or harem show girls interacting with each other?

Wait, there were…Leila and Sasha…but they’re gay, they’re not friends…so…

Toto and Morg for like five seconds…then bam, forgotten about entirely.

Even morg falls under the quiet graceful woman stereotype.

I just think imo that Kougs falls entirely into the stereotype of the gentle woman. Instead she was just changed into loving her empire instead of another person and reinforcing the patriarchy.

Happy Halloween everyone

Today is Halloween, everyone!

I’m so glad I gave up roleplaying so much and focused more on my schoolwork.

Some of my thoughts today…I feel that fandoms are too insular and often get too out of hand.

But hey, I got new pets, I’m doing pretty well with my reviews and I’m almost finished with the Half-Blood Prince, and I’ll get to finish Deathly Hallows before I read Fantastic Beasts (I asked for it as a Xmas present.)

So, farewell to October and hello to a November of good reviews, including some things about Dumbledore, and a brief thing about why I love/admire tsundere characters. I hope you will all look forward to my reviews, I’m excited to post more here!

The problem with social cliques

The Internet seems to be more and more unfriendly these days, doesn’t it?

Can you believe I’ve been told off online for asking people about their days and for venting or saying hello? What kind of cold world are we living in?

I say this as an introvert who does my best to fit in and be happy, by socializing and making friends, of course. Because no human can go without friends, that’s impossible.

It’s all nice and well to have cliques, groups of friends that are close together.

There’s just a problem when it comes for loners and outcasts like me, who try to join and make a name for ourselves.

We’re not wanted there.

If someone has a clique of friends, they aren’t looking for new friends. The problem is, this is completely counterproductive to the idea of socialization and making friends in the first place. I thought people were supposed to be friends or at least be social with everyone. After all, extroverts go on and on about being nice to everyone you meet.

But then there’s this paradox of “if you have this many friends, new people are bad and should be ignored until they leave! But we love new people!”

The issue is that people who aren’t part of these cliques and try to join and make friends are being pushed out, excluded and bullied just for trying to join in on the fun and make friends with them, too.

It’s even more egregious when communities devoted to loving fiction push out the people who want to belong and fit in.

But of course, elitism runs rampant. Exclude and bully those who just want to be welcomed and feel accepted. How would you like it if you wanted so badly to be friends with someone and join their group of friends, only to find…oh they don’t need you, they have other people who are better than you, they love you so much…they’ll cast you aside at the next second.

We need to stop doing this, it’s bullying and excluding people is never fun for anyone. This is why people are bothered by cliques. Because people are bullied out of being interested in joining what looks to be fun because there’s no ROOM for anyone new or different, because people are convinced new people=bad and potentially evil, so let’s drive them away, because all people can easily make friends and not struggle with it socially so they must have their own clique right?

Then there are those like me who struggle with socialization and making friends. For me, making and keeping a friend is remarkable, given my various mental disorders. If they’re not driven away by my awkward social faux pas thanks to autism, they’re driven away by my bipolar depression or my talkativeness.

For me, joining roleplay sounded like a whole lot of fun. But I came to realize, for a loner like me to try to join a group that’s already established, it’s like you’re some strange, foreign microorganism. You have to be scanned, detected and made fully aware of how alone you are before you are accepted. Or you won’t be. You’ll be tossed aside. Online, it’s much easier to do this, though just as cruel.

You guys don’t realize it, but there are people out there who watch you and your cliques interact and are wishing they could join you, I was once one of those people, who lurked and watched from afar. Some people are nervous, others have trouble fitting in, still people want friends and want to be accepted.

The problem with this attitude of old friends only is it shunts away the idea of there being any “new” friends or new people in your life-the whole point of life is to meet as many people as possible-or at least, that’s what i thought it was. This is why the rp community is so divided and hateful.

Because we’re treating new people like a disease, we act as though they’re terrible people before we even know a thing about them. Remember when back in the early days of the web, people were delighted to meet new people? People were happy. Well, no longer. Now new people are invaders who are not welcome. Now, if you have social anxiety or autism or anything else wrong and make the slightest mistake, prepare to be socially humiliated and be torn to pieces.

I remember being so thrilled to come on to Tumblr and practice socializing to make new friends and to my delight, I was succeeding. I was suddenly more confident, I could greet people in public, wish them a good day, ask them how they were, compliment them, hold long conversations with them-because online people showed me how to become comfortable with that sort of thing.

But at the same time, it appears that my autism made me seem like an alien to these people. The slightest mistake turned into a weapon used to call me names, hateful insults, etc. Suddenly, online, saying hello to someone is offensive. Asking someone how they are in real life is fucking offensive. Pouring your problems out to your online friends is now considered rude...that’s what friends are for, friends talk to each other about their issues and support one another, right?

Yet when I tried doing that, the same thing I saw nts doing, I got nothing but condescension and hate from people who were supposed to care but didn’t. All they cared about was the writing, not for the person behind the character. I was a mere automaton to them, a mere machine. Not a human with feelings.

I put up with these people because as autistic people are, you don’t generally get many friends, so I stick with the ones I have, even if they berate me, because I might not get another friend again.

See, when you’re autistic, you’re naive. You tend to assume the best of people until it’s too late. I realized this months ago when a “friend” betrayed me for their own friends who didn’t like me and in the end, acquiesced to what they wanted, ignoring our own bond we had formed after over a year of being friends, drawing, and r/ping together. Maybe it was because I was a bit older than they were, so I mustn’t be too harsh on them for being a bit wary, it’s reasonable for teens to be wary of adults, especially online ones.

And it must certainly be strange for a college person to be roleplaying with high schoolers, although this happens all the time in fandoms, older and younger people meet and interact frequently at D & D, cosplay conventions, etc, so I thought nothing of it.

But the odds of an autistic person being a predator are very, very unlikely. More often than not, it’s the autistic person who suffers or is victimized. Many times, I’ve been bullied, singled out, etc, so I’m used to this sort of thing. But it really hurt to be told by people you grow to trust that you’re “annoying”, that you’re needy and insignificant.

So it makes me wonder, do I waste my time socializing and get hurt? Or do I just stay alone? Neither seems like a viable option. Not at all.

So I’m just saying, remember that not everyone is able to bounce back so easily. Not everyone has an easy time of it. But us autistic people especially face tough paths. We’re judged all the time and mocked for our interests and mocked for being who we are. It’s rough.

But I endure.

Just…just think of the little guys, think of the people who aren’t socialites being crushed under your feet when you guys close yourselves off to new people. You could be missing out on the best friend you never had.

Or maybe we’re better off without people like you.

I’ve come to infinitely prefer blogging over roleplaying. Too many fake people and not enough good things about it to stay.

that feel when you can’t make vids

Nothing is more torturous than seeing new Linkin Park songs come out and realizing I can’t make any more amvs to them since my movie player is dead. I wanted to do a final farewell to Chester with the song One More Light by doing it with a lot of anime but I guess not. Someone else will have to make one.

At least not until Christmas can I even make a tribute to it for now I have to imagine doing it. It stinks. At least I can still write.


Being for the benefit of Mr. Dumbledore-a look at one of fiction’s most misunderstood characters (part 1/3)

Today, we’re defending a character who is hated by many for strange reasons from the world over. The one, the only Albus Dumbledore! Is this a controversial subject?

Yes. Is it important? Yes. Is it something I think will also be very valuable to people to listen to? Yes.

Or you might still hate me for defending one of the most misunderstood characters in fiction.

Seeing as I’ve been re-reading Harry Potter, I wanted to cover this now. Seeing as it’s rare for me to cover anything other than anime, it’s even rarer for me to cover a character that I dislike. Much less defend them.

Harry Potter, somehow, has always managed to interest me. Whether it’s because it’s well-written, interesting, I don’t know. It manages to both frustrate me and intrigue me at the same time.

As I’ve become an adult, Harry Potter has once again consumed my life. Now that I look at it from an adult perspective, now there are new things I’m interested in covering. One of these is the defense of hated characters, such as Molly Weasley, Ron Weasley, Ginny, The Potters, and other characters often maligned by fanfiction cliches.

I decided, what if I were to take a look at a character who I strongly disagree with, but felt it was necessary to do as so many people constantly belittle and get so wrong all the time that it’s hard to resist not wanting to kill something?

I will be defending: Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. Now, call him what you like, call him Du/mbles, call him a manipulative asshole, the fact remains that Rowling has created one of the most interesting and controversial characters in fiction.

Many people are constantly divided on re-reading Harry Potter, mainly because of him, how he treats Harry, his sister’s past, and even when his brother and Rita herself slander his name, there are still people asking the following questions:

“Why did he leave Harry with the Dursleys? Is he an abuse enabler?”

“Why doesn’t Dumbledore let Harry stay anywhere other than the Dursleys?”

“Why doesn’t he tell me anything?”

“Why does he raise him like a pig for slaughter?”

“Why does he let kids do his dirty work?”

Such are the questions that many HP fans have been asking themselves since book numbers 5-7 revealed the more flawed side of Dumbledore.

Well, anyway, I’m here to provide an explanation that will hopefully be free of bias, (well, still some bias, as I’m not the biggest Dumbledore fan.) but nonetheless, I want to at least show something from this man’s perspective to defend his actions throughout the books.

He’s not the bad guy everyone says he is, but he is not the good guy. He’s not the perfect messiah who can solve everything. Dumbledore is 100% flawed, and that’s by far one of the best things about him.

He is human, and this is what Rowling has tried to tell us, that every character in the story is flawed and human. With the exception of Voldemort, every other character is humanized and we’re expected to accept that.

But when it comes to Dumbledore and Voldemort, I know that we all accept that H/arry Potter is a very complex series and that it didn’t initially start out that way, but let me just start with explaining Dumbledore.

You all know his general backstory if you’ve read the books. Now, let me just explain why Dumbledore did what he did to Harry, why he allowed things to play out as they did, and what he was ultimately trying to achieve. 

Now I’m not gonna play by bs headcanons like Dumbledore betrayed the Potters/he has mysterious instruments that watch and control Harry, Dumbledore allowed abuse to happen. He’s not the mustache-twirling villain who has a twinkle in his eye and goes, “Harry, m’boy,” when things don’t go his way.

I’m gonna start with pre-Hogwarts, then get to when he meets Harry.

First, as we all know, he is the head of Hogwarts. He’s the Headmaster, which he has been for a very, very long time.

He’s very old, and very wise. He’s grandfatherly, a bit eccentric, easy to get to know, but he’s also highly manipulative. Mostly for good reasons, but he’s quite aware of his manipulativeness. The most important thing about Dumbledore is his heart. It’s the one thing that divides him from being like Voldie.

At first, we start out liking him because Harry likes him, but then, as our protagonist ages, we start noticing that he has some discrepancies. Harry discovers authority figures aren’t always right, nor do they know what to do at times. That’s sort of how school is, and as someone who’s going back to college tomorrow, I’ve met my share of stupid and competent teachers.

We can debate for hours about how good or bad he is.

So, as we all know, he was born and he had his sister, brother and his mother and father. His sister gets attacked by Muggles and is sheltered by his mother afterward while his father is in prison, for attacking said boys. His brother is resentful of him and has a falling-out with him.

Suffering a strained relationship, he turns to the dark arts and falls for Grindelwald, they do some evil shit and then, it’s not quite specified how this happens, but his sister accidentally gets in the way of their fight and was killed.

His brother estranges himself from him.

Think about what Dumbledore already has on his plate.

The dude is in his twenties/thirties, and he already has had his family close to him die.

The knowledge that he helped a friend/lover who betrayed him and helped him destroy a bunch of innocent people for power, the knowledge that he has destroyed the trust his brother had in him, the knowledge that he is responsible for his sister’s death…

So as Dumbledore ages, he becomes Headmaster and he’s a guy who’s already lost a lot in his life. Yes, Rowling intends for there to be similarities between Dumbledore, Voldemort and Harry, and yes, I will be talking about all three of them, because their story is interlaced within the narrative itself. 

So this dude’s already been through a lot of shit.

So, it makes sense that he wants to make sure his students are safe.

So why does he let the kids at Hogwarts do as they please? First of all, Dumbledore is very childish, something we see in the odd way he governs the school. He never quite loses his child-like innocence and Harry also is very child-like. So is Voldemort, though all three differ in their similarities.

We could also explain the eccentric way he governs Hogwarts as a result of his childhood. He never got proper parenting, after all, his mother hid from the public and he was engaged in that Dark Arts shit. He practically had to raise himself and from this, comes the belief that hey, the magical kids can handle whatever comes their way. They’re smarter than people think they are. It’s then that with this thing in mind, before Dumbledore becomes Headmaster, he discovers a boy named Tom.

Tom is all too similar to Dumbledore, he’s alone, mistreated by everyone, but Dumbledore didn’t know he was a total psychopath, all he saw was a lonely child who was in a place that didn’t like him, he wanted to know who he was, and he wanted to be accepted.

Dumbledore told him what he was, unknowing of him being evil. So he takes him in. He’d raise him with kindness, I’m sure he might’ve been surprised when he was sorted into Slytherin, but it’s hinted that he might not have trusted him as early as when he was sorted into Hogwarts.

When evil shit happened, there was Tom.

But the problem is, Dumbledore has one big flaw and that is his naivete. His ability to believe in the better of people, (similar to our hero!) trust in people so much that he can be blind to their flaws, is by far one of the things that gets our hero Dumbledore in so much trouble throughout the series.

Tom manages to backstab his kindness, and Dumbledore discovers that it was Myrtle who died by Tom’s hand, and that Tom used a basilisk to frame Hagrid.

He figured it out, but the headmaster then didn’t accept it. He didn’t really want to believe that Tom could kill someone. So he tries to rationalize it as an accident.

So he tucks it away in his mind and tries to forget about it.

But as Tom grows older, he gets worse and worse.

Years go by, he meets the Marauders, and he obviously knows what adventures they’ve been having, at night with their cloak. Who knows how he found out, he probably read their minds.

I’m pretty sure he knew about them being Animagi. I’m sure he touched noses with a lot of Animagi in his time, so whatever they were doing was of his knowledge. I’m sure he saw James and Lily’s romance.

Old people see and know a lot of shit.

Snape comes in, you know, a battered, bruised kid.

Years go by, James marries Lily, Dumbles probably goes to the wedding and is happy for them. As it stands right now, they are just his students. He has no obligation to them.

Then Voldemort comes in the picture. Dumbles organizes the OOTp to fight back against him. But people die.

Suddenly he sees what happened with him and Grindelwald all over again, so many, many people he’s grown to trust die. Imagine the pain he has to deal with, knowing he has to fight and possibly kill his own student.

He probably blamed himself for it.

He probably thought he had to take down Voldie himself as it was his fault-he introduced him to magic, after all. But Dumbledore is the Headmaster of the school, he can’t just go running after him. The school has to stay open, so the kids can be safe.

So all this hardship happens, Dumbles watches. The Potters give birth to Harry and the Longbottoms are tortured into insanity, shortly after Alice Longbottom gives birth to Neville.

When Trelawney gives her prediction, he realizes the Potters are in danger.

So he goes to them, tells them they need to hide and selects a Secret Keeper, and obviously, he would know where they are, as he’s powerful and the only thing standing between them and certain death.

If anything, Voldemort would not want to mess with Dumbledore, but he was too afraid of him. So he hides them with Peter, who he thought he could trust, initially Sirius, but Dumbles thought this too obvious and switched them.

Peter is unassuming and seems to be an idiot who doesn’t know anything.

Therefore, Dumbles thinks, an idiot would be the last person Voldemort would want. Unfortunately, he’s a traitor.

He’s a bad guy, and that’s exactly what he was waiting for, and Voldie finds them and the rest is history. Harry is born.

So Dumbledore goes and along with Hagrid, he finds devastation. More of his students who trusted in him and his magic are dead. If he’d just stopped Tom, Lily and James would’ve lived full lives. They’re dead and the guy who did it is long gone.

From Dumble’s perspective, he didn’t know that Peter was evil. In this timeline, all he sees is Sirius looking mad and they fight, then Peter looks dead. I’m sure he wanted to take him aside and ask him if he did it, but as it is right now, so many people have died that just taking someone hostage for a while, to show that they were competent at something, would shut the Ministry up.

Now he was offered the position of the Minister but he turned that down. Why would he, if he’s the evil man everyone says he is?

Instead, he puts Sirius in jail, Peter gets away with it.

Now he sees that Harry is in a situation much like him, only it’s even worse. He doesn’t even have a house anymore. At least he had a house. Harry has no house, no family.

His mother is dead and so is his dad. And so comes the decision: what does he do with the child? Does he let Hogwarts raise the child? Sure, the house elves might be able to care for him, but would he understand and communicate with people?

Sure, there are wizards working at Hogwarts, but they’re not there all the time and what happens if that child wanders into a trap or the wrong staircase?

There are all those paintings that can keep an eye on him, but they’re paintings.

So he thinks about all the people he can have raise him. Well, Sirius is in prison, so scratch that. Peter is “dead.” Remus is a werewolf and Remus could easily wind up attacking and killing the child. He knows he means well, but he knows what he is.

There’s also Snape but Snape is also a Death Eater, so Voldemort would easily suspect him.

He thinks, maybe I can just give him to the Weasleys, but they have enough children of their own. Maybe he could be given to another Wizarding family. But he thinks of the idea that other  Death Eaters can easily track him down. The baby is on everyone’s hit lists.

If he leaves the baby with wizards, they will surely die. 

So Dumbledore is out of options, he considers Muggles but Muggles can’t fight back against them and the Death eaters can find him easily. They can easily kill Harry as long as he’s visible and easily traced.

They can still find and kill him.

This isn’t about how can I make a child a weapon, but it ties into Harry being a horcrux. So Dumbledore obviously guesses that some of Voldemort’s powers went into Harry when he got the scar as such that might make him a Horcrux.

He realizes in order for Voldie to be defeated, he has to do something that he would never, ever, ever, advocate for. He discovers Petunia and remembers that she’s alive, and remembers the spell that Lily used to protect Harry, as long as Harry considered the place he was with people to be his home, he would be protected, but only as long as it was of his blood.

So then he thinks about them, but then he has McGon go check the place, she reports back says they’re not pleasant people, but Dumbles thinks: should I let this kid be with people who will not be nice to him, but keep him safe and alive, or should I just let him die and let the greatest wizard of all rule over everything?

So think about this. What’s he supposed to do? 

He considers everything, but the snake dude always finds a way in.

No matter how many preparations you think you have, they always find a way in. Just like those ants I hate so much, lol.

He thinks if he takes a chance and uses this magic that snake guy doesn’t know of, Harry will be safe. I’m sure he understood that they weren’t good parents.

But, I’m sure he thought that Petunia would make an exception and treat Harry with love as he’s all that’s left of her sister. He was sure that Petunia still loved her sister so much that she would look after her nephew.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t really consider their perspectives, but there’s no time to consider the options. If he wants this kid to survive (yes, he wants him to survive, not die, I’ll be getting to that,) he must do his plan like this.

So he puts a magical ward around the house, puts the baby there, but it’s only for a couple hours. Petunia would find him and take him in. Then he leaves a letter because he knows, if he appears to them, they will be too scared and angry to listen to him. A letter will be their way of understanding what’s happened. 

They’re gonna have no choice but to agree. What if he can’t see what’s going on?

That’s why he has a plan B. Someone to watch them and make sure they’re not being bad.

That’s why he has a backup. That’s why he has a person that the Dursleys never stop to think twice about, a harmless old lady with cats, what’s so odd about that?

So Mrs. Figg comes in.

She sees things and babysits Harry and she can tell Dumbledore how Harry’s doing. She can obviously see when he’s outside, how they’re treating him, etc. She can’t see everything, but she knows they’re not “fun to be around” as she tells him in Boo/k 5.

Dumbledore figures that everything’s going fine.

Maybe the Dursleys are neglectful.

Also, the wizards are a bit like 1800s America, which means corporal punishment is fine to them. They don’t see abuse the same way we do. 

So there’s no excuse at all for Dumbles to hear abuse and not do anything about it. But what can he do? This place keeps Harry alive. As long as he’s not dead, he’d rather he be a little bit sad than dead. Dumbles has a utilitarian way of looking at things, which means one kid being a bit unhappy is better than an entire world being unhappy.

Dumbles is a Well-Intentioned Extremist. Was what he did wrong? Yes. Was it necessary? Yes. Harry had no other relatives to look after him. He had to stay with the Dursleys.

And Dumbles does call them out at the beginning of Book 6 for their mistreatment of him.

The problem with fandoms nowadays

Fandoms. They’re either good or bad, made up of good, kind people who love and devote their time to their ships, to their favorite characters, etc. Most of the time, fandoms are nice, great places to be in.

Most of the time.

Why do I say most?

Lately, I’ve noticed an alarming shift in the attitudes people in fandom are having towards each other, and it…it bothers and unsettles me. It really does.

Back in the early days of the Internet, fandoms had their hate clubs and hate sites for characters, but for the most part, aside from the occasional forum wars, people “agreed to disagree.”

There was even a policy called, “Don’t like, don’t read,” which meant if you came across a fanfic with a ship that wasn’t your favorite or wasn’t to your tastes, instead of leaving a nasty comment, you went on your merry way, and left others to their own devices. People shipped whatever and whoever they wanted, and in all essence, that’s the way things should be.

I don’t care if you ship a tree with a teddy bear, or Wincest, or hell, even space rocks with each other. It’s all fiction, it’s not real and people ought to know that, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, the attitudes in fandom lately have been poisoned by the constant wave of SJW politics that seem to have taken over fiction, fantasy, the one place we go to to escape politics.

Suddenly, I’m faced with people preaching about how you shouldn’t pair a fictional person with another fictional person because “it’s abuse” because it’s gross, suddenly I’m seeing people sending each other hate over absolutely childish and stupid things-it’s fucking fiction, you’re not being activists by burning your manga, sending the author hate or bitching on Twitter about something you have no control over and something that ultimately doesn’t affect your life that much.

Unfortunately, this attitude seems to be the de facto attitude nowadays. Fans are entitled, spoiled, even, by their creators, and demand their creators kowtow to their every whim or fantasy, even demanding they rewrite their material, or inventing bullshit about why they couldn’t get their way. It’s amazing how much time people spend arguing over fiction-I feel like it’s destroying the peaceful communities we once had.

Fiction is an escape from reality. It’s not real. Most people who sit down to read Harry Potter know this. But the one thing we don’t want is to be yelled at for choosing to read something. The scary thing is, companies like Barnes and Noble are censoring their erotica readers by closing down their work due to “objectionable content like violence, pornographic material, bestiality, and incest.”

Okay, okay, guess you shouldn’t be selling a Song of Ice and Fire, then. Time to cancel that shit. While we’re at it, might as well cancel Supernatural and Harry Potter and Twilight and the Hunger Games and every problematic anime and manga and tv show and video game out there-guess what, it’s not real.

Your childish attitudes have got to stop. You are ruining media for young up and coming authors like myself who are downright terrified of publishing anything without crazy people coming up and accusing me of supporting things like abuse against children, violence, cursing, etc.

You are the soccer moms of this day and age, screaming think of the children, while censoring the people who say things you don’t like. The worst part is, none of this is meaningful in any way. You go after the little people. You go after the fanartists, after the people who dare write about their experiences or their imaginations.

Yes, I’m looking at you, tumblrites. You and your ilk are the reason I’ve left tumblr to come back here. I want to write what I feel like without having people breathing down my neck, calling what I choose to write “evil” and saying I can’t write things without censoring myself to pander to and please people who think-who honestly think-that anyone who writes about abusive relationships-is promoting abuse.

The shippers have got to stop. In the old days, they were peaceful. Nowadays, they’re sending death threats, anonymous hatred and even doxing people’s addresses and PI and “exposing” them as creeps just for them being creative and for expressing their opinions. What happened to, if you don’t like something, just don’t read it? Close the damned page, go outside and experience life.

There is more to life than continually being angry over fiction. Yeah, I’m a critic, but I know fiction isn’t real. I know most people know and understand that fiction is not real. I’m just worried about the state of writing in America if people become too terrified of having to write to appease SJWs-so much so that their content becomes censored to the point where no fictional media can contain anything dark or negative-whether it be murder, incest, pedophilia, rape, abuse, drug abuse…it’s terrifying how these people advocate for burning of books and harass actively people they don’t like…just because of what they make.

I say this because I had run-ins with these sorts of people. I had people attack me and drive me out of fandoms over imaginary characters and ships simply because I disagreed with them. It’s insane-most people in the 60s would find it ridiculous that people would judge your moral character based on what you read.

Guess what? Out there, in the adult world, people will find you insane for judging people based on their fiction. You don’t need to care so much about what people read. You need to step away from your computer and spend time in the real world, with real people. Someday, these people will look back at the time they spent bullying people online, sending hate and harassment and will shake their heads, wondering why they wasted their time doing such silly things.

I can only hope that we will move past such things and will make fandom a safe place for people to be in again. Creative expression of ideas is why we loved fandom so much in the first place. Sure, there was Snape/Hermione or Snarry, but if we didn’t like it we simply moved on. Nowadays, you can ruin someone’s online reputation simply based on what they enjoy reading about or writing about.

What is wrong with us?

Why are we embracing tactics that dictatorships do to silence people with alternating opinions from ours? Above all, these characters are not real. They are not real people. We need to differentiate between reality and fantasy. We need to know and recognize that fiction only has an effect on us if we let it, if we are an adult, we can change the channel, turn off the TV or close the browser.

Let us bring back those happy times in fandom where we simply “Didn’t like,” just xed out the page and moved on to fanfics that did make us happy. Let’s quit the hatred and bashing of authors just because of what they write.

After all, writing was meant to talk about things that can’t happen in real life and if you censor it all, it becomes rather boring.