As you may know me on fanfiction net under the name SasukeTantei, that’s me! I’m the one who wrote a lot of good fanfiction! Perhaps you’ll enjoy this little blog I created so I can entertain you, liven up your day, or maybe just rant a little about my life. Well, what do you need to know about me? I am female, am an anime lover and am a young adult. That’s all the personal info you’re getting! What you WILL be getting will be snippets of my future fanfics, my up and coming fanfiction, critiques of anime and manga I have read and watched, reports on anime conventions, political things, or anything in between!

I guess I’d like to start by presenting one of my favorite youtube MMV’s: which is for Pandora Hearts, a glorious manga that I worship-and cosplayed under today!!!!!! ^^

I went to an anime convention today and I had a moderate amount of fun-moderate because my day was okay-it just got too crowded.