Hello, this is Kamentantei. I’m here to discuss the anime characters I hate. A lot of people like anime. Then there are a lot of people who hate anime for no good reason. There are those who consider it as a mere hobby, and then there are those who love nothing but anime. (That’s me.) While anime can give us great stories and wonderful, inspiring characters that we all love, like in MAR, Pandora Hearts, and Higurashi No Naku Koro NI; unfortunately it can also give us characters that are annoying, obnoxious, hypocritical, or just plain stupid. What’s even worse is when we have people who absolutely worship these characters and think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them, which is frustrating to me. So, today, I am here to give all of the anime characters that I do not like a chance to be hated……and I know some of you will hate me for this. These are my opinions, okay? Beginning with….

1. Creed Diskenth (Black Cat)

He is the antagonist of the show who is the enemy of the main character, Train Heartnet. He acts like he is gay and murders his love interest because, *gasp*, she gets in the way, and then he’s mad! One can’t imagine why, huh? Good god, this is such a stupid villain. His blandness knows no bounds, he’s an annoying, undeveloped character, and the fact that people like him is so unbearable. Now, on to the next one…..

On to Bleach.2. Orihime Inoue

I don’t honestly understand the Rukia bashing. It seems annoying to me. She’s a good character-I will cover that in my next blog. What I do ENJOY is the Orihime bashing. Orihime is basically the stereotypical dumb blonde (only she has orange hair) who daydreams about everything, is naive and stupid, has big breasts and is practically EVERY negative stereotype about women wrapped into one; and here is her biggest flaw: She is a pacifist in a world where everyone fights. 

Now that guarantees one of two things should happen to her, one, she should die, like Euphemia (who I actually like) because this is not a world where you can simply talk to people, you’ve gotta fight and other stupid crap, or she learns her lesson and learns to fight. You know, she has this ability to deny and reject anything (sort of like B-rabbit’s power from Pandora Hearts, but different) and she has these tough fighters that come out of her hairpins. Pretty cool ability, right?

Unfortunately, there’s only one of them that can actually do anything. She ends up getting herself kidnapped because she refuses to fight! In a series where everyone fights, you can’t just simply stand by and say you won’t fight, being a character like that is bound to be a thorn in the side. Practically everything she does is annoying and useless. What does she do during the Soul Society Arc? Absolutely nothing. Despite the fact that she has such great power, she never uses it! She even heals those who try to kill her!

What kind of idiocy is this? They’ll try to kill you again….why would you do such insane things? The other thing is her obsession with Ichigo. Despite the fact that she’s in love with him, she does absolutely nothing to help him. She once screamed and cried Ichigo’s name while he was being attacked, instead of helping him…..fifty-two times (someone apparently counted this). If that doesn’t make her one of the most annoying b-words in history, I don’t know what would. She’s a Mary-sue. At least, Rukia has flaws.

Uryuu Ishida. I don’t like him that much. He seems like a ripoff of Sasuke. Aizen, if only he’d stayed dead. I don’t really like Momo that much either.


Oh…my…god….can you ever find a more annoying, more hypocritical character (we can say Sasuke falls under this, but at least he has some common sense in his mind.) This guy is a Japanese person who doesn’t want to kill anyone. So why the hell is he in battle and why does he support the Britannians, who stomp on his people every day and treat them like trash? You know what, he’s naive enough to believe every lie people tell him.

Let’s see, his stupidity has taken several forms; such as when he mind-raped his best friend? Look, I know you’re upset over Euphie dying, but you should listen to your other friend and give him a chance to explain himself and not treating him like a Complete Monster and keeping his LITTLE SISTER FROM HIM, WHICH IS COMPLETELY UNFORGIVABLE! You are acting just like Lelouch did, there’s no excuse for that sort of behavior! He has people spy on him like a stalker. What is WRONG with you, Suzaku? You need to get a life! Besides that, the worst thing he ever did was drop a bomb on Tokyo and supposedly kill Nunnally. Great job, idiot. The second worst thing he did was by blaming Lelouch for Shirley’s death. Lelouch clearly cares about her and would never have done anything to harm her. He assumes this about Euphie, too. He doesn’t give a chance to explain himself. 

Rolo, because he’s a huge stalker and he killed Shirley for no good reason. Now on to Ohgi and the Black Knights….these guys are the stupidest saps ever. Get this: your enemy has just told you that your commander is a Britannian prince who betrayed his country and does not like Britannia at all, and clearly supports Japan through his actions. He says said character has also mind-controlled people. Would you take the side of the lying Britannian prince who obviously doesn’t care about you, or would you research more into this Britannian prince and discover why Zero hates Britannia, and realize maybe his opinions make more sense? Maybe realize that while he mind-controlled people, maybe he did it for the greater good, so instead of acting like idiots and pointing guns at him, you could just ask him flat-out why the Euphemia massacre happened and have him explain it to them that it was an accident and he never meant it. Instead, they point guns at him and call him a monster.

Great job, dumbbells. Despite that, Villetta and Ohgi get away with every crime they’ve committed and they get married. Biggest insult ever seen in anime.

4. Detective Conan (The Detective Boys, Sonoko, and Kogoro)

Okay, this is sort of justified seeing that they don’t know that he’s actually seventeen, but they never listen to what he has to say, they always get in trouble and they always think they’re better than he is. They are the three most annoying kids ever, and it feels like they just thrust them in there just to appeal to the crowd. At least Haibara’s bearable.

Sonoko. Where can I even start with this self-centered annoying girl? She’s rich, she calls Shinichi names and doesn’t give him any chances at all. I do give her points for her treatment of Ran, but her bashing Shinichi unfairly makes me hate her. She has no depth to her. Look, Kazuha acted like that and she developed. Why can’t you? Same goes for Ran-she became a good character. 

Kogoro treats Conan like crap and he gets away with it. I don’t understand why none of the adults don’t call him out on it.

5. DN Angel Risa Harada

How shallow can she be? Enough about her, though…..

6. Nyuu and Yuka (Elfen Lied)

I don’t like Nyuu because she’s an annoying, infantile bimbo who walks around naked and does other stupid things. Lucy is far more interesting.

Yuka, ooh boy, typical clingy love interest. The creepiness here is that she wants to marry her cousin. Yet no one tries to get her a therapist for her sick obsession and Kouta even marries her! How disturbing is that? It’s saying that incest is okay, which it is not.

6. Winry Rockbell (FMA 2003)

I know I’m going to get flamed for saying this, but I don’t like her. Why? Well, she’s a childhood friend of Ed who gave him his automail, so one would suppose that she would have some moral values. Let’s see, the first time we see her, they’re giving her a gift. They make a doll for her using alchemy. What would every little kid do? Every kid would be happy and awed that someone is going out of their way to be so generous and thankful.

What does she say? Instead, she whines and cries! Whining over the fact that someone gives her a gift? How ungrateful is she? Her parents even take her aside and scold her for this. So, how does she act when her friends learn about her dead parents? She acts like a total biotch.

We can probably explain that away as her acting like a typical child…..self-centered. But there’s no excuse for her behavior when she’s older. What does she do? She takes all of Ed’s hard-earned money and spends it on stupid crap, without even stopping to ask him how Ed would feel about her spending it, or perhaps realizing that he needs that money?

She goes and whines that Ed and Al never tell her anything. Doesn’t she realize that they want to protect her? She goes and sticks her nose in places where it doesn’t belong. She tries to sell Ed’s automail instead of fixing it for him. You want him to be a cripple? Well, thanks a lot, Winry, we can clearly see how selfish and narcissistic you are as a character.

Even Ed, who can be selfish at times, makes up for it with his flaws and maturing. She’s a Mary Sue to the core, and yet no one scolds her besides her parents, who unfortunately died. They probably could have made her into a better character. Ed and Al lost their parents and turned out selfless. Why can’t you do the same?

The worst thing she does is peek in his watch insensitively. Now if Ed were to marry Winry, he’d be bankrupt because this girl has no feelings or regard for other people, instead it’s always about her. God, why everyone seems to love and worship this self-centered girl is beyond me! There is something wrong with self-centered people!

7. Kitchen Princess (Akane Kishida)

This girl is rich and pretty and has it all. Yet she feels the need to bring down the main character in everything she does. Despite that, her actions that she does are so obvious and her lies are so bad that you think anyone would be able to see through them and realize that she’s manipulating them. But no, they never catch on to it and make the main character’s life hell. The only thing she does is taunt them and stick her tongue out at them.

When these stupid girls taunt her, what they’re asking for is for them to be taught a lesson. There’s only a limit to how far you can take pacifism. If I was surrounded by a bunch of people and rationalizing with them wouldn’t work, I’d have no choice but to fight back. In that situation, if you don’t fight back, if you don’t stick up for yourself, they are going to keep doing it until they push you too far.

Beat the crap out of those stupid bitches because clearly they deserve it. Stupid protagonist.


The main character himself. He acts so stupidly and manages to win over every character. If it weren’t for his Marty Stu traits, he would’ve been dead a long time ago. There’s no one more annoying than he is. His lack of common sense makes me hate him.

Now, on to Itachi. Everyone and their uncle worships this guy. I cannot like him. I cannot see how a loving older brother would murder his entire family and make his younger brother whom he supposedly loves watch. I cannot understand how anyone who would do that would be anything less than a sick monster. If I was told to do that, I would say no. I’d rather Itachi would refuse to do it and die as a hero.

If Itachi had more common sense, he would have not done it in a way that pushes his brother over the edge and makes him unstable and psychotic. If he was loving, why break his brother’s arm and break his ribs? That’s not love, that’s abuse. The attempts this manga makes to justify his actions are ridiculous. Itachi is like the soldiers at the Nuremburg Trials-Duh, I did it because I had to.

No excuse for genocide. Now everyone expects me to praise Itachi? Heck no. It’s his fault that Sasuke ended up losing his mind. A better brother would not do those demented things.

9. Pandora Hearts Vincent

Despite the fact that Vincent is a sociopath, no one does anything to stop him. He’s a selfish narcissistic idiot who gets away with everything he does.

Oswald and the Baskervilles.

You think he would be a better moral example than Jack. After all the bad things Jack has done, you think he would try and realize not everyone is going to bow down to his huge ego. But he doesn’t. He murders people in cold blood simply because they disagree with him.

What is his strategy for destroying Jack? Why, go back in time and kill his sister. How sick is this? The fact that he lets Jack know about this…..he wants to make it so Alyss and Alice are never born. Is it just me or is he a major idiot? He is. He’s a dictator.

The Baskervilles have so many things wrong with their hierarchy that it’s not even funny. Now the manga is trying to convince us that everything they do is justified. Bullcrap! They are totally messed up, and Jack clearly hates their ways! Oswald, on the other hand, is just being a complete dictator. They want everyone to bow down to them.

Think about it. They want to have power again like they did 100 years ago. They want to kill Alice. What part of that is loving? Why would Glen lock Alice up in a tower if he was loving? Sick sociopathic system…..