Hey, it’s me again! I know, I’m probably pretty critical. I guess you could say I admire the Nostalgia Critic too much…..*sigh.* But he is funny, you gotta give the guy that. So, I’m going to do the anime characters I love that for some reason everyone else hates. Well, thank you for your comment on my last blog, reviewer. But the Black Knights ARE saps, because they’re not supposed to trust Britannia, let alone a PRINCE. Exiled Prince who wants the best for Japan clearly owns weak little evil Prince with an ego the size of a Goodyear blimp.

Anyhow, here we go with the characters I love that everyone wants to kill personally.

We may as well go with Geass AGAIN.

1. Euphemia li Britannia (Code Geass)


Well, she is the Third Princess who comes into Area 11 along with her older sister. She is a pacifist who prefers reason to violence. Yes, we all know how she went crazy and murdered the Elevens in “YAY BLOODSHED!” But I’m here to defend her character. She is awesome for many reasons, notably how she is the only character to ever defeat Lelouch and get him to agree to her terms just by TALKING to him. No violence, no threats-just talking. Clearly, he likes her a lot. He regretted her death a whole lot.

Second, she is strong and does what she feels is right. She’s not afraid to save other people and do what she believes will make a difference, like Lelouch, and she too is a rebel. So, she and Suzaku have a sort of on-again off-again relationship. So around the middle of the first season, she goes to super secretly spy on Lelouch and his little sister. Little sister mentions how she sees them (Euphie and Suzaku) together and does not like that idea.

Before you yaoi fans start getting ANY ideas in your heads, let me dash that notion to pieces by pointing out two very interesting observations I picked up from this scene in the manga: Image

First, notice how Nunnally sort of looks SAD upon seeing the two of them together. It’s not that Lelouch wants Suzaku to be gay for him, he notices NUNNALLY has feelings for Suzaku and is jealous that Euphie is with Suzaku and not her, and that’s what makes him mad, but may I also note that there is ANOTHER look on his face when Nunnally mentions that……it’s not that Lelouch is jealous of Suzaku for being with Euphie…..it’s that Lelouch wants EUPHIE for himself and he is quite jealous.

It should be noted by now that Euphie is the only person Lelouch ever said that he loved. He never said he loved Kallen, or Shirley, or C.C.-though there WERE hints that he may have-I tend to think his reaction to Kallen kissing him was more like “holding back my feelings so you can live” sort of deal, and he did miss Shirley a lot.

So, besides his personal feelings for her (before you go saying I’m gross, remember that it wasn’t uncommon for nobility to marry brothers or sisters-Lulu and Euphie are half-siblings, I think, or step-siblings, I also love how Euphie resisted the order of the geass. No one else besides Nunnally was able to do that. The other interesting thing is in the manga while she’s issuing the orders to kill the Japanese, you can see tears in her eyes….in other words, her will was so strong that even the Geass could not control her completely. Euphie demonstrates this again right before Lulu shoots her and after-before, she recognizes his outfit and she starts to talk to him about the Japanese and how they’re going to work together-in other words, she was just starting to OVERPOWER the Geass command-note how she looks confused and seems like she’s starting to wonder why she has a gun in her hands) More proof that she was strong enough to override a mass murder command. Then again, when she is dying, she resists it yet again. Amazing. No other characters besides her and Nunnally have shown this tendency at all.

Read the Nightmare of Nunnally manga and she thankfully is spared from her hideous fate. A lot of authors hate her and also torture her. Please, don’t torture the poor thing. She’s been through enough already.

Now, onto Elfen Lied again for an already deceased character: Kanae. Image

This utterly adorable little girl is the sister of Kouta, who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. She sees a girl murdering people, so what does she do? She tells people what she saw, but no one believes her. Then, she spots that same girl on the train-what would most little kids do, scream and cry and run and hide? Nope, not her. The second Lucy attacks Kouta, she throws herself in front of him and defends him.

Pretty good guts for a five or six-year-old. Unfortunately, her reward for this act of courage is to be bitch-slapped and told that she’s no good and then the poor thing gets sliced in half, followed by her unfortunate father (who for some reason is wearing a pink shirt and seems completely oblivious to Kouta’s distressed state:)

Father:Why are you screaming, son? Your sister just had an accident with ketchup. We’ll just get mustard or something.

But anyway, this was a completely tragic, pointless death, and she does not deserve the hatred she gets…for acting like a normal kid. Rather stupid, huh?

3. Rini (Sailor Moon)

The amount of hatred this girl gets is ridiculous. Sure, she’s spoiled, a little conceited and arrogant, but she’s a normal lonely child separated from her parents in another dimension. Can you blame her for acting clingy and spoiled? I feel like I’m the only one who actually liked Rini as a character. Rather, I idolized her. She was awesome!

Wicked Lady totally rocks, FTW.

4. Mika Harima (Durarara)

I just recently got into this manga and it is quite odd so far. Nonetheless, this is a rare case where a character is hated in-series and not outside of the series. Okay, so she’s a cute little stalker chick who just met a guy that she thinks is awesome because he saved her life from some gangsters. Of course she’d want to thank him and try to get into contact with him. As for being all clingy, don’t you think all us girls acted like that at times? I know I did. It’s called puberty, people. Get used to it. So she goes in his house and sees something and then she says she doesn’t care what it was she saw, and then she is brutally murdered for no good reason. The saddest part is that for a second, it looked like the sister saw the whole thing and was going to save the girl. But unfortunately, no, that was not the case. The girl was just treated like trash. How tragic.

5. Lelouch

The amount of haters he has are unbelievable. I went on some chatroom and used him as my name and instantly I got bashed all the time. Talk about ridiculous. I mean, the guys is like V, doing heroic stuff for a good reason. He’s not Hitler. Try his dad if you want Hitler.

6. Rukia Kuchiki and Ichigo Kurosaki-Reasons to ship Ichiruki, too.

I’m covering them both at the same time. Both of these characters are hated unfairly. Hey, for the record, Ichigo is a NONSTANDARD protagonist-he’s rude, arrogant, a jerk and not obnoxious in the slightest *cough, Naruto cough* He just happens to have a heart of gold under that rough exterior. Hey, you know Ichigo is awesome. He overcomes his difficulties and he completes his goals….dear god, now he sounds like Naruto….fortunately, no believe its to be found here, folks.

As for Rukia, some people think she is a weak damsel in distress. Again, she, too, is not your typical female. She’s used to having power and being strong and she’s put in a position where she has to go down to the rank of an ordinary human. She’s emotionless and snarky, but she does keep Ichigo in check when he does stupid things and gradually the two of them warm up to each other.

When I was first watching it, I was surprised at how easily they bonded. I noted how often they fought over silly things. To me, it looked like a couple. There’s just something that clicks with them. They relate on so many things…..take this, for example:

Orihime:Hi, Ichigo.

Ichigo:Spacing out….not even paying attention.

Rukia:Hey, Ichigo.

Ichigo:Hey, Rukia. *smiles and turns to talk to her.*

That shows he feels like he can be himself around her….he can open up to her and she can open up to him. I have a handy-dandy list of Ichiruki things…now if I can just find it….aha, here are some of the things I noted about them.

4: Rukia nearly dying to save Ichigo. There’s no reason she would do that unless she started to bond with him from the time they met.

8:Their insults and how much time they spend together. Even their classmates think they’re an item.

9. Rukia living in Ichigo’s closet…..ahem, what would she need to be in THERE for? I can remember my Rukia obsession phase where I wanted to be called Rukia. I was weird then….I still am.

10.Ichigo shows more emotion around her than anyone else.

13. When Mizuiro goes to talk to Rukia (manga) Ichigo says, “His hobby is picking up chicks. Watch out, Rukia. He’s a real player.” Somebody’s possessive of Rukia.

15.Rukia smiling when she thinks Ichigo isn’t looking-That’s one of the most common signs someone likes you. Just look at different pages where she’ll be looking at him out of the corner of her eyes.

19. In the Bleach book souls, “shows poster with Ruki and Ichi…saying a boy, a soul reaper…a chance meeting a story of fate begins….” sound like a romance to you?

21.Rukia holding Ichigo’s head in her lap and watching over him. Let’s not forget how whiny and mopey she was before she had to leave. She didn’t want to go without him. Her note also indicates some rather strong feelings for him in such a short time.

27. Rukia showing up when Ichi is losing to his Hollow; she gets his ass into gear: “That’s the kind of man you are in my heart, Ichigo.” Sound like something a friend would say? Wow, it’s rather…intimate.

28.Rukia spitting chocolate milk when her classmates ask if she likes Ichigo and her rather forced lie about them being friends. Hmm, interesting…..

The biggest thing for me is how even Orihime realizes she can’t compare to Rukia. She says she wishes she could be first in Ichigo’s heart like Rukia is. Look, if the rival says there’s love afoot, then there is. With her, he is happy, without he is lonely and depressed.

Well, the biggest indicator for me is how they call each other by their first names without any suffix. In Japan, this indicates either two very close friends or lovers……ahem, like these two lovebirds right here…..Image

To drop suffixes so soon after just meeting indicates strong feelings between the two. So, yes in my opinion, he loves her, she loves him. Oh, one last thing…anyone else think Byakuya-sama is being overprotective because he realizes his Rukia is in love with Ichigo? Seemed like that to me.

9. Jack Vessalius Image

Yes, I know-everyone hates him now. But he has a lot of valid points-Glen and his system are very messed up and he gave Vincent, Alice, Gil, and Oz all new chances to live a different life. He befriended Alyss and kept her from being lonely and clearly didn’t like to see Alice die. He was happy when she appeared again and was crying when he slashed Gilbert. I don’t think he liked the massacre too much, either.

The other thing is, he may have been obsessed with Lacie, but ultimately he brought about a greater good….think of where all the characters would have ended up if not for him….Vincent would be dead….if Glen had it his way, both Alices would be dead and so would Oz….gee, no Jack-Vincent and GIL are gonna die. Good thinking, dumbass.

So he’s got the right ideas, he’s just a little nutso.

And finally….for the last character everyone hates!


Yes, everyone wants to mash Sasuke into little pulp now. Understandable, considering he nearly killed Karin and Sakura and fled Konoha and betrayed numerous people for his own gain-but hang on a second, you do realize he’s not the ultimate monster people paint him to be in fanfics, right? RIGHTTTTT? No. Damn, we’re going to have to work on this here.

See, everything bad Sasuke’s doing now can be blamed on either Obito Uchiha or Itachi. If neither of them had been such assholes, Sasuke would have a family and be completely sane-if the Third Hokage had also reached a deal with them-that would’ve been nice. Oh, and an apology from Itachi during the years he ABANDONED Sasuke-yeah, real loving there would’ve been nice. But nope, no love. Instead, broken arm and another coma.

Poor Sasuke, his life is bad. You know what else is interesting about him? The guy has flaws….unlike a certain Marty-Stu protagonist. He’s intelligent and thinks things through before he does them….clearly, he is a good ninja. He has interesting attacks and moves…but most of all, he’s human. Humans are going to treat others badly if they’ve been through hell and back-they’re not going to love all humanity like a Mary-Sue.

The last thing I wanna say is I loved the character Sasuke. I loved to watch Naruto because he was interesting, he was in it, and he was well-written. When he left, my interest in the show left, too. Also, you wanna know what else pissed me off about Naruto?

The fact that the main character gets everything handed to him on a platter and talks his opponents to death and has no skills but somehow miraculously wins every fight he goes in-he even won one with a fart, of all things-and the rest of the characters have to suffer. That tells me it’s a Mary-Sue show. Say, how many times does Sasuke win in season 1 again? He wins against Yoroi. He loses against Haku, loses against Orochimaru, gets shown up by Mr. Gary Stu against Gaara, and gets his ass kicked again by Itachi, wins against Naruto, and then barely wins a whole bunch of other fights, including against his Marty Stu brother.

It’s not that Sasuke is weak that pisses me off. It’s that the author plays favorites-certain character wins, other characters eat mud. Naruto has no talent at all, has no common sense or tact, yet somehow wins every battle he’s in and is now the chosen one and a child of Sages. Wait, before this, wasn’t everyone looking down on him because he had Kyuubey-er, Kyuubi in him? What the hell?

You only see attitude changes like that happen because of Mary-sues. Check out My Immortal. What also pisses me off is that characters that work HARD to get what they want, like Sasuke, get shown up and made to look like pansies-simply because Naruto is the main character and Sasuke doesn’t count, so let’s make him look as weak as a Sunkern!

What kind of thinking is that? Oh, wait. Kishimoto did that to Sakura, too. He needs to stop playing favorites….it’s true that he’s spent a lot of time on the Uchiha family, but hey a gloomy family with dark secrets is a hell of a lot more interesting than some annoying, sunny-haired boy with no flaws or difficulties getting through life-who also doesn’t know when to shut up.

Unless of course your name is….Image

Oz Vessalius, who is a much more well-rounded character than Naruto will ever hope to be. Believe me, he doesn’t always smile.