Wow, this is certainly an exciting review. So in the last volume, Duke Rufus Barma and the Baskervilles saw Oswald’s head roll out of the sealing stones, so it means Jack is the villain and the figure in the cloak was JACK, not Glen. Lacie is finally shown in full figure. This volume has Lacie on the cover, shown right below me:Image

As you can see, Lacie has numerous chains around her and her red eyes mark her as a child of ill omen. What surprises will this volume bring us? The inside has five chapters instead of the usual four: Retrace 66, Jack, Retrace 67, Lacie, Retrace 68, Glen, Retrace 69, Alice, and Retrace 70, Oz. I’ll review these here. First,

Retrace 66: Jack

Rufus Barma tells Break and the Baskervilles that he finished deciphering the words of his ancestor, Arthur, and the story he told him was the real truth of the tragedy of sablier, and thus the true nature of Jack himself. Jack sees OZ lying beneath him, asleep, looking through his memories.

Jack sees a girl with black hair and red eyes in front of him. From the moment he meets her, he realizes she is someone out of place in this world. Jack introduces himself to her and she remarks on how boring his name is and starts to tell him that she ran away from home until “he” apologizes. Jack is bored and says he doesn’t care, at which point Lacie gets pissed and shakes him, asking him why he doesn’t notice how she’s dressed up in a light summer dress in the winter. She finally asks him what he thinks of her but he passes out due to hunger.

We see Jack being abused by his mother, who believes their father is coming back. He is a bastard child, and thus he is disliked by everyone. He remarks that Lacie is one of the first people who has ever shown him kindness as she feeds him and starts to trim his hair. She notices a pendant on Jack’s wrist and asks him if he’s a Vessalius, at which he says he’s a bastard child.

Jack explains to Lacie that his mother naively believed the words of Viscount Vessalius and she lost her mind and thus he doesn’t believe in anything anymore. Lacie cuts his ear and practically tells him that he shouldn’t care what people think and starts to sing a song and leads him around town. Jack smiles, thinking how lovely the song was, and then the two of them are captured by men who want to sell Lacie off. Lacie kills them with her chain and dances in their blood, at which point the Baskervilles show up and she leaves, but not before giving Jack her earring and telling him not to forget her and to find her again. We see Jack as an adult, saying he did everything to find her. 10/10

Retrace LXVII:67 LACIE

We see an adult Lacie on the floor in her tower, musing over something when a white-haired man rushes in and Lacie addresses him as Glen. Glen tells her there’s a festival going on, and she’s invited. Lacie says she’ll think over it as Glen leaves, she sees that it’s snowing and wonders if something will happen.

Lacie is hugged out of the blue by a man-who is revealed to be Jack and he happily chatters about how happy he is to see her again until he is knocked out. Lacie is asked who the man is who hugged her right off the bat. She looks and sees the earring she gave Jack all those years ago and lies.

Later, Jack is quizzed by Glen on who he is. Glen tells him he doesn’t care who he is and that he could have him put to death if he wanted to. Jack says he’s happy that Lacie is still the same, even if she’s forgotten him. Glen introduces Jack to his servant, Oswald. Oswald explains Jack’s background to Glen and his job is to gather info on people. He insults Jack by saying that he dislikes him, at which point Jack throws his drink in Oswald’s face and leaves with Lacie, who helps him out. Later, Levi tells Jack he should come visit again and asks Lacie what she’ll do with Jack. She says it’s pointless to dote on him because she’ll die soon.

Retrace 68: Glen

A young Lacie is shown where an old lady talks about her sin and how she must be cast into the Abyss.

This was a good volume.