*-When I use retarded, I mean no offense. I usually mean that these stories are done so badly that even retarded people wouldn’t like them. I am going to cover Nyuu/Lucy here, who is a harmful stereotype to retarded folks-trust me, most of the ones I know are nothing at all like her-they have manners, they’re polite, honest, and kind.

Hey, this is Shirotantei again. I’m here to bring you some of the worst anime I have ever seen. I know, I’ve already covered the worst anime characters-now I’m going to cover the worst anime.

There are some really good anime out there like Pandora Hearts, D.Grayman, Code Geass, FMA, Detective Conan, Death Note, Dragonball Z, and Madoka. Unfortunately, there can also be anime that are just not that good….they can have poorly written plots, sequels that are inferior to the originals, or have such huge plot holes that it’s absurd why no one points out their flaws.

There are ten of them on here. Some of them may end up being your favorites. The first one I’m doing is a childhood favorite of mine….Digimon. I absolutely loved Digimon as a kid. I loved Frontier, Tamers, and the first one. However, I place the third and fourth season ahead of the other two, because let’s just think: the first season was okay, and it wasn’t the best, but it was a good start to a good storyline, the characters were engaging, and likable. But unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Digimon Adventure Two.

10. Digimon Zero Two Image

You know what I hated about this series? I hate the fact that they practically took a likable cast of characters and shoved them aside in favor of some bland, generic main characters; Davis/Daisuke is a poor excuse for a protagonist who spends half of his time whining and moaning about everything, stalks Kari-don’t even get me started on Veemon, who cracks dumb jokes all the time and sounds like one of those guys off of The Sopranos; Yolei, the pseudo-dialect, and Cody, the boring emotionless wreck who sounds so unemotional that he seems like a robot rather than a human. Heck, even Kari and T.K. suffer in this.

These characters are bland and uninteresting-the worst part has to be the ending. Happy ending? How cheesy is that? Frontier’s ending was much better….and so was Tamers, as bad as the ending was.

The main villain is the Digimon Emperor, who is one-dimensional in every aspect. We’ve seen the whole kid sucked into the dark side in every season of Digimon *cough Jeri and Kouichi* cough and in every case, they were done well. Jeri had a troubled family life and had a mental breakdown-okay, that’s believable. Kouichi was just a lonely kid who wanted to meet his twin brother and got sucked into another world and was brainwashed to become evil. Pretty bad life, am I right?

Ken comes across as a whiny, annoying, emo boy who even Sasuke trumps at in being a good emo character. *rolls eyes.* Yes, this series is not my favorite-namely the fact that no one can evolve besides the stupid plot device of Armor-Digivolving. I give it a five out of ten. It could be good if it wanted to be, but it just sucks.

The other thing that’s bad about this series is that the main brave characters from Season 1 practically abandon their roles as Digidestined and ditch their Digimon without any further questions asked. OOC-ness is a bad factor in this show and it drags the whole series down with it. The next thing is one of their bad guys is a mummy. I’m really not kidding here. Oh, the ending I mentioned that is so bad it puts Tamers to shame? It consists of everyone getting Digimon and raising them. What the heck? Digimon is a separate world from the others. Tamers did a great job of portraying how Digimon in real life would affect people.


Yet another show that is loved by everybody but is just plain bad is the next one on our list.

9. Elfen Lied (Lynn Okamoto)


Forgive my poor recoloring. Ah, yes, Elfen Lied, one of the stupidest anime I’ve ever seen about the life of a girl who suffers because she has these cat ears on her head and then based on the traumatizing event of being bullied in her childhood and losing a puppy to bullies, she kills people because of that one incident. Seriously, it’s as retarded as it sounds. No really, it is.

The main character is basically this killer who kills because of her supposedly bad childhood. First, she’s naive enough to befriend this girl who has the worst acting ever-and then while I was listening to the painful English dub, she sees her puppy die and then gorily murders everyone in the room-yay for violence!

But anyway, the worst part about this is Lucy herself. She’s engaging enough by herself-what really disappoints me is the fact that the author felt the need to insert constant nudity into this trainwreck of a plot.

Okay, so in the beginning she’s running away from these guys, and she is shot in the head, so they decide, for some unexplained reason, to give her a new personality, Nyuu-who only says “Nyuu” (anyone else think of Pokemon?)

She’s an idiotic bimbo who can’t control her bodily functions, gropes everybody and runs around everywhere without clothes. I guess her purpose was to make Lucy  look innocent, but that little scam doesn’t work-instead, she just looks like a spoiled brat. How is that good? It’s a poor excuse for humor and the fact that they want to use this character for humor purposes (oh yeah, because she’s totally not a walking stereotype of retarded people.) Seriously, the author has another character that has to wear a diaper all the time. Is this Elfen Lied, or is this the Rugrats?

Another thing that drags the drama down is the bad acting. Everyone in this story is abused; an overused trope. If done right, Abusive Parents* can be good, but if overused it becomes Narmy** and ridiculous. A girl is bullied by her dad because he doesn’t want her to sing. No, really, that’s her story. That is her whole story. She gets involved with Lucy and dies. The only two characters who were actually engaging in any way were Mayu and Kanae, two side characters.

Mayu suffers from sexual abuse, and her story is done well and pretty true to real life stories….especially made more painful by the fact that most parents usually won’t take the victim’s side and instead blame them; a common tactic used in abuse. Kanae is an adorable girl and Kouta’s sister who is sadly and horrifically murdered. I don’t care about spoiling because this series isn’t that great, anyway.

You know something; I know lots of people who are retarded/mentally challenged-whatever you want to call it-some of them are good friends, others acquaintances. I even had to work with some of them, and let me tell you something, they didn’t act like Nyuu. They knew enough about life to wear clothes, they were polite, they tried not to burden others if they could, they were nice and kind. They weren’t stupid enough to go and do the things Nyuu does-they know better. If I showed them this character, I’ll bet they would not be happy.

Believe me, some of them are the nicest, sweetest people you could ever meet. That’s why I’m ashamed to say Nyuu is retarded because she puts a bad mark on the people who aren’t like that, but unfortunately she is.

There’s Kouta, one of the stupidest characters ever; (more on the stupid characters a bit further down) and the plot holes in this are absurd, like how the heck does a girl have a crush on someone at age nine? That’s unrealistic to the core. They need to study little kids a bit more, because clearly their perspective of them is way off.

Bad characters, continued……

Nana is a whiny daddy’s girl, and then…..Yuka. Oh my god, she is by far one of the worst characters in this series.

I believe I discussed her before, but she is one of the reasons this show sucks. She has no development, has a creepy incestuous crush on her COUSIN-and at the end, it is strongly implied that they get married. Bleah. Her cousin does not try to stop her from doing these sick things. Japan, how can you support incest? I don’t care if it’s your cousin first-removed or cousin second-removed, incest is incest and it’s still morally wrong.

The worst thing about this show is this negative perception of humanity it has-it makes you think that all humans are evil scum who deserve to die a horrible death. Why watch something this cynical? We know not all humans are evil. This series thinks that any characters who die deserve death, regardless of what they did or didn’t do (R.I.P. Kanae, Kouta’s dad, Aiko, Kisaragi, random innocent passersby), thinks that people who hurt or kill animals deserve to die in painful ways, thinks a sociopathic serial killer is right for killing humans, and thinks that all parents are huge abusive idiots. Where are the loving parents?

True literature looks at humans as a mixture of Grey-and-Grey Morality, not Black-and-white. Like Oz said in Pandora Hearts, “There is no good or evil, there is only our will…..” True humans are not evil or good, they are shades of both and good literature makes characters that are good and bad equally.

The fans are creepy, too. Some of the YT comments say that the fans wish the children who killed the main character’s dog could be tortured a bit longer…..*shudders.* Well, either way, the plot is bad, the characters are bad, and everything about this show is twisted and messed up.

8. E’s Otherwise

Another example of a promising anime ruined by plot holes and poor timing; E’s is basically a rip-off of X-men and all of the old stuff you’ve ever seen-cliche storm, here we come-it’s about a psychic who is hunted by his group, Ashurum, for failing to complete a mission and after things happen that aren’t his fault,he ends up in the hands of strangers and has to examine everything he believes.

This organization specializes in rescuing people who are psychic like he is and he’s with a bunch of interesting characters like Shin’lu Belvedere and her moody brother-then when he discovers they’re not like that (the humans,that is) he has a mental breakdown. Unfortunately, they decide to throw away this interesting set of characters and instead throw him into a ragtag group of outcasts who are poorly utilized.

The worst one here has to be Asuka Tokugawa, a Mary-sue to the fullest-she can talk to animals and understand their feelings-check, she’s cute and everything she does is cute and everyone loves her-check-she has supernatural powers, check-she instantly wins over Kai-check.

She’s so freaking annoying; she stands there and cries instead of doing anything to help. The only interesting subversion to this is that she cannot cook.

Yuuki is another one who’s a poor ripoff of Gene Starwind from Outlaw Star, who is executed much better.

So, the plot is generic, but it does have its perks; okay, he’s trying to get home-that’s been done before, but at least they’re doing disillusionment, which is a nice twist-and then, here is where it gets bad. Well, Yuuki decides to put Kai to work, so what does he do? He crossdresses at parties and tries to arrest drug lords, rescues cats stuck in trees (I am NOT kidding here) and then they have a cooking contest-wait, author, what happened to the main storyline? What the hell happened? Did you smoke a bunch of dope while writing it-what happened to the main plot?

Then, it gets worse. Kai has to help out all of these kids and rescue them from an evil priest. It’s like the author forgot what the story was about and then just tossed in a whole bunch of stuff hoping no one noticed. It’d be like if in the middle of the Cell Saga, Toriyama decided to defeat Cell with the magic of love and friendship and then everything ends happily ever after-can you imagine what would have happened if he had done that?

He didn’t do that-he made all of them pretty engaging. Trunks, anybody?

7. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

Yes, I hate it. It is nothing like the original; This is yet another example of what happens when a sequel is produced by someone who doesn’t know anything about the main storyline- *cough PMD 2*

First, the animation is horrible. Second, there are too many jokes in every scene.

Edward even mocks himself for being short. What the hell? What happened to Edward getting ticked off about being called small? That’s his character trait. You throw that away, you’re essentially throwing that character away and making a new one. The humor is inappropriate at times and ruins serious scenes. The original anime did comedic episodes well and dramatic episodes well. They made sure to keep the comedy in line with the drama, but they made sure also to keep it so neither overlapped the other.

Third, they inserted Winry, the Mary-sue into everything. Wherever she goes, the plot reeks like a bad fart, so I decided to avoid her. Good for me, right? The worst part about this is that the new series doesn’t know how to balance good comedy and drama. The original knew how to do that, like I said before-neither overtook the other. DBZ did that pretty well. This series just can’t. It fails miserably at it.

Fourth, The fight scenes consist of them grunting and charging at each other. The end result is it looks less like a mature Japanese anime and more like a cartoony Looney Tunes thing. So when the series tries to do fight scenes, it ends up falling on its behind and looking ridiculous.

Fifth, they decided to follow the manga. The god-awful, boring manga I read and didn’t like. It was bad, it was unlikable. It was the first anime I watched that changed my feelings about the characters and the storyline. The manga almost turned me off to FMA. I liked that the first one was able to tell a good story. But this one can’t do that. It fails at everything.

But this was just….terrible. I only watched a few episodes before I couldn’t take it anymore.

6.Shugo Chara

I know a lot of people like this, but I don’t. It was poorly written….it was cliched.

5.Haruhi Suzumiya

I tried to get into this. I really, freaking tried. The fact that the heroine’s allowed to get away with blackmailing people, molesting the female heroine at every opportunity and does sociopathic things with no repercussion is just ridiculous, period. It’s stupid. Kyon is sometimes funny but bland, and the characters have no depth to them.

4. *sigh* Hetalia Axis Powers

I am more than prepared for all the flames I am going to get, but I HATE this series with a burning passion. So I heard everyone was liking this, so I decided to watch it. I only got into five minutes of it before I could stand it no more and threw it aside. “Whoa, was that the worst thing I ever watched?” Turns out, no it wasn’t, but it was pretty darned close to it. There are three others that are bad.

This one, I had to say, came quite close. First of all, it’s racist. Having these stereotypes about people like Americans being fat and conceited-wow, Japan, wow, way to show tolerance there. Why isn’t anyone upset about these stereotypes? This anime is racially insensitive, period. It’s one thing to do a show with Japanese or Chinese characters and flesh them out wonderfully, but to make them into one stereotype is absurd.

Second, the art is bad. This shows lack of effort, and the jokes are dumb. Why this anime is so loved by people, I cannot imagine. It’s crap….people, it’s crap. The excuse most people give for this is that it’s humor. Humor is not an excuse for lack of artistic talent in manga.

The most horrifying thing about this is that it completely glosses over the Holocaust. What, no mention of Hitler, Stalin, or Mussolini or the things they did? They don’t even cover the Jews or the things they suffered from. That’s horrible. Regardless of whether or not it’s a kid’s program, you’re covering HISTORY. You have to be historically accurate. A comedy series has no excuse for not being accurate to history. IF it wants to do a history lesson, you have to cover the facts.

For example, say if I happened to write a story about the Holocaust and it took place in the concentration camps, only they weren’t miserable places, they were places of happiness and love and kindness. The Germans held hands with the Jews and smiled at them and gave them food and the ghettoes weren’t run-down places and people weren’t killed but rather transported and everyone was happy. The workers would be smiling and working hard and wearing normal clothes.

Can you imagine the outrage that would hit me if I were to publish that as an actual story? People would be all over me for making a caricature of history, for mocking the way millions of people died without even covering it. Yet, this series does just that. It needs to respect all the people who died in the concentration camps. To not do so is extremely insensitive and racist and untruthful to history. You should be ASHAMED, author of Hetalia, for not including the Holocaust or including what Stalin did.

You’re telling children these lies. You need to tell the children what happened to the Jews and others, no matter how frightening it may be. History must be learned. Not only that, this fandom is ridiculous. They snap at anyone who doesn’t like this trainwreck of a show. The worst part is it’s taking over like a disease. I don’t understand what’s so great about it.

People take pairing with countries seriously. Dude, that’s not funny. Zero/10 for Hetalia.

3. Deadman Wonderland

Go read the Rossman’s review of Deadman Wonderland, because it’s so funny and painfully accurate about this series as a whole. This series is yet another example of what’s wrong with some anime. Don’t get me wrong, I like anime, but I dislike the cynical attitude it sometimes has about society as a whole. This is just an example of another mean-spirited story that makes all humans seem like jerks when it’s not even true.

So basically, the story is about this annoying character named Ganta whose entire class is planning a field trip and then they get murdered, then he gets blamed for the crime, despite the fact that he has no weapon, no motive, no evidence that he even wanted to kill his own classmates, he’s convicted and thrown into this prison where no one is nice. IS it just me, or is this author a misanthrope?

Seriously, every character in here is a scumbag. The main character is as flat as a rock. When I was watching this, I did not expect this show to be dead of everything. The plot is dead, the characters are dead (both in reality and in how they’re portrayed), the freaking locations are dead; everything about it is dead. There’s nothing alive about the plot; it’s like watching one of those B-movies on TV and laughing at the errors and wondering “Why did they make this again?”

It’s like an Ed Wood of anime. It’s that bad. People, don’t watch it. Every time someone watches this, their brain is fried.

2. The Empty Empire

Here’s another manga I tried really hard to get into, but it completely failed to sustain my interest. It starts off with this emperor Idea (lol, great name for a hero) who united the world and then he dies. Then there’s this boy named Rose who’s found who looks just like him. What kind of name is Rose for a boy?

There’s an interesting girl who’s the side protagonist. The protagonist has to get used to being treated like he’s someone else (not a bad plot to go with) and so he has no memories and he tries to get them back and then three or four chapters in, the author suddenly (and I mean, suddenly), decides to completely unwind the plot of figuring out who he is-instead of doing it in a masterful way like PH does (you know, making you like the characters, see their partial memories and only later figure out who they really are. She’s good at what she does, Mochijun is.)

The author just gives away what he is. It states plainly, “He’s a failed clone of the Emperor.” Really, baka? You actually didn’t have enough confidence in your story to make your character grow and develop and then learn who he is later, so you just toss it right in right away and act like you don’t care about it at all? Wow, that’s low. The worst part about it is the whole story takes a nosedive afterwards. Then he goes into an angsty state-PH does angst much better, folks.

Hey, I write. I wrote OC’s for my Pokemon story. I made plot twists for them about who they really were…..but I didn’t give it away within the first few chapters….I let the readers know the characters and then unraveled the twists. That’s a good author there.

Clearly, this author should not be writing manga.

1. Tie Breaker Crescent moon and Zyword

Crescent Moon is a Twilight rip-off with poor characters. Zyword is the worst; characters speak without being seen on the page, it ends on a flashback scene, the characters are generic, the plot is generic, and it makes no sense whatsoever. It’s just bad. Believe me, people, do not watch these anime. They are bad.

Prepare for the flame war!!!!