One thing I wanna get out of the way here……Mary sues are not just limited to fanworks, you guys. There are Canon Mary Sues in anime and manga, and films and TV shows. Often, they might even be the main characters of the show, depending on how you look at it. 

Basically, a Mary-sue is a character that can do everything and has no flaws. A lot of times, these characters are worshipped by half of the fanbase, while they’re hated by the other half of the fanbase. These characters usually have no  common flaws. But the one thing you’ll notice about Mary Sues (or the male equivalent, Marty Stus ) is that they tend to be Expies of the author. But the worst thing about the characters is when they don’t get punished for things other characters do. 

For a very good example of Mary Sues, we start off with Orihime Inoue from Bleach. What flaws does she have besides clumsiness and ditziness? Not much. She’s the obsession of a villain and is kidnapped and everyone has to save her, she has the attention of the main character, is clumsy and daydreams a lot, she has this great, god-like power and everyone loves her. 

You can tell a character is a Mary Sue if even the villains kidnap them for no explained reason. Suddenly, the whole plot revolves around Orihime, suddenly she’s perfect, and suddenly everyone likes her. This one bad villain apparently steps in. 

This character is a Purity Sue. It’s a shame to see that Kubo has to resort to writing Mary Sues in his plot when he already has a strong cast of female characters like Rukia, Soi Fon, Yoruichi, and Rangiku, not to mention a few. The supporting characters are good, too. To see a character like that drag down the whole fanbase is bad. 

In Code Geass, there’s no one better fitting for that option than Nina Einstein. She’s a shy girl who develops a crush on Princess Euphemia in a “tragic” lesbian romance-yeah, nothing says romance when the other character is completely unaware of your feelings, you creepy stalker, you. There’s a scene earlier on in the series that definitely should not have been put in the series where Nina is caught doing something very disgusting…..and after that, she just becomes more and more reprehensible. 

This Sue decides to blow up the entire country because of the death of a princess who barely even knew her. No punishment is given to her for her horrible acts of cruelty; she gets away with everything she does when really she should be locked up in a mental asylum. She’s hated by almost all of the Geass fanbase and for good reason. She’s a Mary Sue to the fullest, she gets away with her crime (another defining trait of a Sue is that they get away with every single horrible thing they’ve done, regardless of how bad it was. ) 

She is a terrible character. She also will appear in my list of the worst anime characters ever. (Anime characters I hate is just saying just because everyone worships a certain character does not mean I do, too. Worst are the ones that drag down the story and have no relevance. She is one of them.) 

Villetta Nu is one, too. Exotic hair and eye color, check. Shown as attractive, check. Character gets away with horrible things they’ve done, check. Yes, so to put it simply, Villetta is this exotic woman who decides to tell everyone about Lelouch, and despite the fact that she shoots the lover who took care of her while she lost her memory (long story there), he is dumb enough to fall for her lies again, and then she goes on to live a happy, fulfilling life, big insult to the characters who suffered. 

She strikes me as a Sue, because of the fact that she stands out among them, and everyone trusts her no matter what. There’s a good example of a Canon Sue. 

The same could be said for Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket, but she’s more of a neutral if anything else. She has enough flaws to outweigh her Sue-ishness, but her instant trust and kindness in others is incredibly naive and unrealistic. 

Another good Mary Sue would be…..Haruhi Suzumiya! Because the whole FREAKING manga is based on her and it literally revolves around her! She’s a Canon God Mode Sue, and the whole universe centers around her. You can tell how well this trainwreck of a plot is going to go with a Sue as the core. Not….well. 

And boy, it does not, because this character blackmails people, molests a classmate of hers and practically forces her to enter her little club. She bans this one from all other activities, and makes her wear these disgusting outfits to show off her chest. Does anyone reprimand her for these activities? No. 

Say, there’s this one scene where she’s in the computer club where she says she wants to take a computer from the Computer Club, as in steal it. The other people try to explain to her why that’s bad and then she harasses this poor guy and gets him to accidentally touch Mikuru’s breasts and snaps a picture of it, incriminating an innocent guy of sexual abuse,  just to get her paws on a computer that wasn’t hers in the first place. 

So basically, she’s engaging in perjury, false charges. You realize how bad that is? In real life, you wind up in jail big time for that. It’s despicable enough to not know why you can’t just steal something, and the way she acts about that whole thing just turned me off completely to the manga. She’s so selfish and hypocritical that it’s obnoxious to read how little she thinks about others. 

The excuse here is probably “because she’s god, she can get away with whatever she wants,” and thus Haruhi can get away with absolutely anything because she’s the frickin  main character, darn it! Ugh, even just talking about her ticks me off! God, this Sue knows no bounds. 

Speaking of Sues that make the whole plot revolve around them when they can’t do anything……..there’s MADOKA KANAME! 



What does she do during the series? Absolutely nothing. As a Mary Sue, what else does she do besides whine and cry? Absolutely nothing. When Mami dies, she sits there and cries. Yep, people, that’s all you see from this character; unusual hair and eye color, great power but does nothing with it. She’s definitely a Mary Sue. 

In episode 12, she becomes the messiah of FREAKING HUMANITY. Everyone expects me to worship this character despite the fact that half the time she does nothing whatsoever. Although most of this can be blamed on Homura as she made Badass Madoka into whiny, wimpy-annoying as hell Madoka. 

I think we’ve had enough of the crying, whining Sailor Moon stereotype. Perhaps give her some other flaw? Nope. She does a lot of stupid things in the series, and they turn out badly. They say her flaw is her innocence…but no, her innocence pisses me off. It’s obvious that she’s a sue and a poorly written one at that. The fact that we’re all supposed to root for this character when all the others are so much more developed is just abysmal. 

And then we have…..Sailor Moon…… 



Ah, Sailor moon….how we adore thee, and then how we despise thee, for thy Mary Sue ways. She uses her crying as a weapon, she has absolutely no flaws besides being lazy and mind-numbingly stupid. She is the savior of the world. Both her and Amu Hinamori are complete Mary Sues. Ugh…..

Now to move on to the Marty Stus. There are such characters in existence, yes. 

Beginning with Sosuke Aizen. 


If this isn’t a Villain Sue, then I don’t know what is, okay? This guy becomes more and more powerful all the time. Nothing the other characters do can even come CLOSE to rivaling his abilities. You can tell he’s a Marty Stu, and he has no flaws whatsoever.

I’d like to say Schneizel from Code Geass is one. 

……..You’re expecting me to say Goku is a Marty Stu. The answer is…….far from that. I’ve realized that as I read over DBZ again. The whole story is not just Goku’s coming of age story, it is also the story of how a young boy grows up and learns how to be a true man, and deals with his flaws as they come. IS Goku flawed? Hell yes. 

Sure, he has super strength, but he has the weakness of his tail. He’s good at eating and fighting but his kindness and naivete often get the better of him, and the things he does can endanger people. In the beginning, he was just a coarse, rude and superpowered hick boy. 

But over the course of DBZ, Goku’s character development goes off the charts. Sure, he trains to be a great warrior, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come without its costs. He loses as many battles as he wins and he grows stupendously. So by the time we meet Goku back in Z, he dies for the first time. Sure, he’s resurrected but we learn the dragon balls cannot bring back someone who died a natural death. (Hence why Goku in History of Trunks is screwed.) 

Goku just grows exponentially……there’s an explanation for his strength, because he’s a Saiyan. As you all know, there’s not much that can hurt them-that doesn’t mean they can’t die, though, because they do. The alien twist was brilliant and one I  did not see coming, but it explains why he can survive things humans can’t. 

As a contrast to that, Goku is definitely not pure, but innocent. His innocence does not win him friends, instead it leads to his death. He shows mercy to Raditz, bam, dead. He tries to show mercy to Vegeta who nearly kills him. He tries with Frieza and realizes he can’t be reasoned with. 

In the end, you see him mature tremendously. And then people say he’s a bad father…..well, half of the time he’s fighting off deadly enemies, half of the time he’s dead. Whenever the poor guy can spend time with his family, he’s there for them. Hell, the entire first episode of Z shows Goku saving his son and it shows he puts all his effort into his family and protecting them. 

He is also not a Sue because he had to train for years to become as good as he is.  He had to work for that in order to achieve the greatness that he reached. He is definitely not a Sue. 

Here we go to a character who is DEFINITELY a Marty Stu and everybody knows it, too…..NARUTO! I believe I’ve covered this pain-in-the-ass already but I will cover him AGAIN. 

First of all, unusual traits; whiskers. What does he do in the series? He’s supposed to be the main character, the hero we all root for…..and he’s an Expy of Goku, yet unlike Goku (who trains to the brink of death his whole life,) Naruto does nothing except goof off and play pranks for the first twelve years of his life. 

Great….you wanna tell me how he’s going to be a leader again? Besides that, while Goku was naive because of the fact that he was just a hick boy who knew nothing of the world and lived alone all his life, Naruto has no excuse to be as brainless and stupid as he is. He was taught all of these things in ninja school and yet he chooses to do the same thing, spam his shadow clones, rinse and repeat, regardless of whether or not it’ll work. 

He completely fails to understand anyone else’s point of view and refuses to listen to reason. In the beginning, people call him out on this, but then as it goes on, you realize Naruto gets that bad Marty-stu feel to him because he starts winning people over to his side (or brainwashing them) by lecturing them or beating them up, except for Sasuke, who I give kudos to. 

Of course, he praises the other Marty Stu, Itachi, completely overlooking the capital crimes he committed (murder, treason, physical/mental/emotional abuse), because as we all know, he was the perfect brother. 

Whenever Naruto has to do training or work, he goofs off or whines half the time. When he does learn things, he learns things unnaturally fast, and he’s usually shown no prior talent for these sorts of things, so it’s almost like the author just randomly threw them in there. The problem is, Naruto is just a huge God-mode Sue that Kishimoto feels he has to tip the whole plot over to Naruto, which means even if other characters are doing just fine in a fight, they have to back out because otherwise they’ll be shown up by Mr. Marty Stu, who without his plot device and Creator’s Pet tendencies, would definitely be dead. 

Then there’s another nasty thing about him; he gets away with every rude and immature thing that he does. Mind to tell me how he’s like Goku again? Goku knows how to fight; he’s a genius in it and has spent his whole life. He doesn’t fool around and does hard work. 

Naruto on the other hand, wins purely out of luck or coincidence. The only reason he gets through these fights is because he has a magical fox sealed inside him, which he manages to tame-despite the fact that it hates all humans. Oh, god, his Sueism is ridiculous. 

Oh, and the chosen one thing is so overused. 

I would like Naruto better if half of the things he preaches to people about-like “You should be working hard for your dreams, blah blah, blah! I’m Hokage…..blah blah blah…..” things like that; if he actually lived up to the things he brags about like the arrogant windbag he is.

Whenever people say Sasuke is arrogant, I gotta say…..who’s the arrogant one; the one who broods or the one who shouts out loud about how great they are and how much better they are than everyone else, believe it? Naruto is always the one who’s talking about how great he is and how hard he works. Yet when it comes to fights, he doesn’t do any work at all. He just stands there and gets his ass kicked, rarely, though it’s satisfying.

Clearly, Kishi needs a better protagonist because this protagonist drags the series down like a balloon that is deflating with his stupidity. I used to read the Naruto manga and think, “Okay, maybe I can overlook something stupid he says. Maybe I’ll eventually learn to like him. I can just see him evolving as a character.” 

But he doesn’t. He’s still the same obnoxious, pretentious, annoying windbag. It’s sad to see talented characters like Rock Lee, Hinata, Neji, and Sasuke…..I hate the fact that they all have to fall to the wayside because this blond idiot thinks he’s so great. And yet we have to listen to the manga praising him all the time. IT makes me sick to think about it.

Naruto is just an idiot through and through, probably one of the worst cases through and through of God Mode Sue. You wanna do a blond idiot who’s actually more flawed than he appears, do it right. Do it like Oz is done from Pandora Hearts. Sure, he first seems to be a Naruto expy, but then he turns out to have deeply rooted issues with himself, wondering if he can even exist or protect people. Those are deep questions and Oz pretends to be happy when he really isn’t.

He just becomes this multi-faceted character. Mochizuki Jun, unlike Kishimoto, is clearly superior in terms of character writing. She takes characters like Alice, Alyss, Lacie, Jack, and Echo and she shows you their good sides and bad sides, their worst secrets, their sorrows. They’re like people you could actually relate to and you enjoy reading it again and again because her characters are that good. They feel like real people; they’re not characters you shake your head in stupidity at. 

They feel like characters you’re rooting for, crying for. Perhaps Kishimoto ought to read PH. It would probably teach him a thing or two about writing characters. All readers should be questioning whether or not Naruto is suitable as a protagonist.

I’m a writer, okay? I have a story where multiple characters are the focus, not just one. Why? Because an author’s goal is to make all of them equal and not overlap each other. IF I have one overshadow the other, then suddenly that turns into a Sue, and I don’t want that to happen. So if you have questions, fire away!