Ah, My Little Pony, first a series of successful shows and movies in the 1980s, and then becoming more of a girly show in the 1990s. Finally, after a series of horribly contrived tv shows, we finally get the best one yet, My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, where the girls are not just girly stereotypes, where the characters are very funny, three-dimensional, and consistently entertaining and teaching young children good morals. I say this, even as a young adult who is a fan of the series, because, deny it or not, bronies, MLP is aimed at little girls and young children, despite some of the adult humor, shoutouts to other series, and occasionally over-the-top messages.

This series brings us great episodes like, “Lesson Zero,” “A Canterlot Wedding,” “Friendship is Magic,” “Too many Pinkie Pies,” and so on. However, the sad thing is that MLP: FIM has quite a few stinkers in its entourage of the good, mediocre, and just plain bad. These episodes are bad not just because of quality lacking, but because of OOC moments, because of cruel and warped aesops and because they were just plain distasteful. Enjoy and feel free to leave comments and/or feedback.

10. “Ponyville Confidential”

Ok, so we have yet another episode centered around some of my favorite characters, the Cutie Mark Crusaders. So, as usual, they’re trying to earn their cutie marks and nothing is going right (like usual, also) so Miss Cheerilee decides to offer up a position to be an editor in charge of the newspaper that everyone reads, (and who else is in charge of it but the snooty Alpha Bitch Diamond Tiara, a girl with no redeeming values whatsoever besides being a bullying bitch) so the CMC sign up for this. First, the stories they start writing are boring, so Diamond Tiara starts wanting them to get gossip, so Snips and Snails are the first objects to humiliate. They get stuck together, so the CMC photograph them, while gleefully doing so, which is rather OOC for them.

So they do that, and DT is impressed with them, so she wants them to do more and more gossip articles for the column, which is later dubbed “Gabby Gums,” they start saying things like ‘Rarity is really ugly,’ or Applejack is really poor. I don’t really remember what the articles were about, because I only watched it once and will never watch it again. But by the end of it, Gabby Gums becomes a sensation almost overnight and everyone loves her and supports her, and then sooner or later the CMC realize their mistake, so they go to DT and tell her they want to resign because they realize that they’ve done wrong, and DT snaps and tells them they can’t quit or else she’ll reveal embarrassing photos of them, (also known as blackmail, which is illegal, bitch, illegal) and eventually they wind up coming out to Ponyville.

Then, this is where things get ridiculous. Okay, you’re considering the fact that they’re children, right, and the fact that they were bullied and coerced to do this by Diamond Tiara, which means the hatred of all of Ponyville should fall on her. She’s the one who forced them to write mean things in the first place, you’d think that that would happen. But no, instead they all blame Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Applebloom….three….little….children. They are cruel and outcast little kids who were forced to do mean things without even asking them why they did things.

Get this, they were even being shunned by Twilight and her friends. Applejack won’t even let them explain. Sweetie Belle mentions offhand that they might have to stay in their clubhouse forever. Some of you might say whatever to that last part, but that last part is particularly unnerving, since it reminds you of real-life young people and dealing with bullying. What real life activity do young people turn to if adults won’t believe them, they’re shunned by everyone and bullied and ridiculed……you know the answer here, don’t you? Teenage Suicide. Yes, I thought the episode was going to head in that direction. You know, for kids!

So, the moral of this episode is, when bad things happen, if you’re forced to do bad things against your will, the person who made you do them won’t be punished, you will! Another thing is Rainbow and the others are just unnecessarily mean and cruel. Consider how terrifying this is. Wouldn’t you be afraid that if you did something wrong, you would be mistreated? The lengths to which Ponyville goes to mistreat them is absurd. What has their reaction been in previous episodes? In Lesson Zero, they listened to Twilight and regretted laughing at her. The moral of this episode was disgusting. I hated it. I won’t watch it again. Sure, DT gets covered in ink at the end, but is there any punishment for her blackmail? No, nothing happens to her besides that.

9. “The best night ever”

This episode should be retitled “The worst night ever,” because what this episode consists of is relentless, ruthless heckling of the main characters, which is uncalled for. As a victim of bullying in my childhood, I am a strong anti-bullying supporter and any tv show that encourages it is disgusting to me. So this episode is rather inconsistent. Princess Celestia invites the main six to go to the Grand Galloping Gala, a ball. Twilight wants to go so she can be with Celestia, her idol. Rainbow wants to meet the Wonderbolts,  Applejack wants to hawk her goods so she can make some money, Fluttershy wants to tame some animals, Pinkie wants to throw a party and have some fun, and Rarity’s reason for going is so she can score a date with a man. What? Sorry, but WHAT? You’re making a girl character in a show for kids act like a prostitute? What is wrong with you, writing staff? Sorry to Rarity fans, but at times, Rarity acts like a completely sexist stereotype of how girls are “supposed” to act.

Rarity, being the stupid, spoiled idiot that she is, decides to find a male to bed, and practically gets some of her neigh-bors to drive her there in a carriage, because she’s too afraid to walk. Oh, yeah, she’s totally not arrogant. I know she personally asked them, but that still reeks of a lazy rich girl, and of a Mary Sue archetype. Sues always draw guys to their sides no matter what. Thankfully, she’s about to be knocked off her high horse.

My god, how arrogant is she? Good god, her ego is so major, it makes Trixie’s look minor. Like an Ursa Minor, or maybe an Equine Minor? Bad joke, I know. Lulz.

Anyway, the end result is it turns out to be a living hell for everybody (no, I’m not saying everypony, that sounds idiotic) at the ball, including the guests who are there as well as the Mane Six. Everyone ignores Twilight in favor of Celestia, the animals ignore Fluttershy for some unexplained reason, Rarity meets this arrogant jerk who completely ignores her until she epically chews him out (Even though I hate her, her rant was pretty good.) But that doesn’t mean that I still don’t hate her. Prince Blueblood is like Clovis from Code Geass.

Pinkie Pie’s exclusion is understandable, again her lack of empathy is astounding, she’s being an annoying brat to people who don’t like what she likes, they’re having fun in their own way, and she’s ruining it. She’s acting like a spoiled toddler with ADHD.

As for Rainbow Dash, they had no right to treat her that way. The way everyone snubs the Mane Six besides Pinkie is just very rude. I mean, Twilight is a Canterlot pony, you’d think they would have some more respect for her. So, Fluttershy loses her mind, Rarity is frazzled, AJ is upset, Dashie is completely snubbed, and Twilight is upset, too. The kicker is at the ending, Celestia tells them she wanted them to be there so they could cause chaos. In her own words, the meeting is so boring it needs to be livened up.

So, she wanted Fluttershy to break down, she wanted the others to suffer, and worst of all is the lack of concern for her guests….you know, the ones who had their time out destroyed because of other ponies who couldn’t understand they had different tastes. Sorry for sounding double-sided, but while the Mane Six’s treatment here was uncalled for, it was also twice as disrespectful for a princess like Celestia to 1. Have no consideration for what her other guests wanted to do and instead decide their nights need to be ruined, 2. Have no consideration for the Mane Six’s mental states and instead treat it like some kind of game. Not very nice, Celestia. Not very nice.

As you can see, it’s a very warped episode.

8. “One Bad Apple “

Originally, I liked the premise of this episode. The idea of Applebloom having a cousin was good, and Babs became one of my favorites when she mended her ways with them, but I didn’t like the morals or lack of. The CMC are, once again, bullied into silence, and no one does a thing to stop them. The CMC decide to stupidly not tell Applejack about the bullying and Babs only goes along with the bullies because she was bullied herself (likely story) and completely disregards any shred of kindness the CMC show her and decides to make their lives a living hell. So the CMC decide to turn to revenge (they’ve gotta stand up for themselves somehow, right?)

So, yeah, just as they’re going to kick Babs’ ass-no, flank, and teach her some respect and humble her a bit, Applejack chooses that moment to spin out a sob story about Babs being bullied. Suddenly, they stop and realize, oh, no, us standing up for ourselves is wrong! Applejack says they should have come to her from the start. I was bullied, but I did NOT become a bully towards others like Babs. That would have been below my moral principles. The fact that she gave in to that peer pressure is cowardly. She got away with worse things than the girls DT and Silver Spoon ever did. She did it willingly.

The moral in this is: you have to go to adults for dealing with a bully, you can’t stand up for yourselves? What the hell? Did they even bother to research school bullying or any kind, for that matter?

What about the bullying cases where adults refused to believe children, laughed it off, told them that it was part of being a child, or told them to grow up and stop taking things so seriously, or just plain didn’t give a damn? What if the kids come from an abused family who doesn’t care enough to do anything to stop the bullying, or what if the bullying is encouraged by the adults? And no, ignoring the bullies DOES NOT work. I tried that, it does not do a damned thing. You need to stand up for yourself and prove you won’t take the blows like a beaten dog.

One of my relatives was bullied when he was younger, eventually he had no choice but to fight back. It’s how he survived. If you want young children to know how to survive bullying, teach them the proper way: FIGHT BACK. You’d educate more students and thus give them less incentive to kill themselves or snap and kill the bullies. That way, they’d know they aren’t alone.

7. Over a barrel

This episode is particularly racist, I thought, just with the way the buffaloes are portrayed as the stupid natives who are in touch with nature, but don’t know a damned thing, and how plain dumb everyone was acting. It seems that the MLP writers have a bad touch of doing this. Pinkie causes everyone to go to war.

6. The Crystal Empire

Everyone was looking forward to this episode, they said it would be entirely great. Unfortunately, it did not live up to the hype the HUB put so much emphasis on. Where I was expecting a glorious tale about the oppressed ponies who fought back against the evil King Sombra, there came about nothing…..but boredom. Nothing but stagnant, boredom and repetitive, bad writing. The series fell flat on its ass there. That’s all I have to say. I didn’t like it.

5. The Return Of Harmony

I have not seen this episode in its entirety, however I know the basic premise and have seen bits and pieces of it. From what I have seen, I have to say I dislike it a great deal. Everyone is acting so out-of-character, even though they are brainwashed, you’d expect them to fight it off. Come on, even Euphemia fought off the Kill All Japanese order!!!! Instead, everyone is acting mean. It pissed me off, seeing them all act like that. I despise Discord, toying with everyone like that, and making Twilight cry. This is another example of the Mane Six, despite claiming to be best friends, may as well say they’re cousins with a blood feud.

4. Winter Wrap-up

Well, one of the things that makes me dislike this episode is the constant singing. Musicals are not my favorite, and singing drags down anything, in my opinion. I love singing, but I don’t like it in the stuff I watch. Hence why I avoid Disney movies. Singing adds nothing to the series, and I wish they would leave it out entirely, because all it does is annoy the hell out of the viewer, but little kids probably won’t mind. The other thing is yet again, they’re out to bash Twilight. I hate bashing episodes, they’re nasty and cruel.

Now while sometimes it’s all right for my fanfiction to humble an arrogant character, The Scrappy, a Karma Houdini, and a Mary Sue, what is not all right is for unjustified character bashing for no reason. It happens in fanfiction, but for it to happen in a scripted TV show is nothing short of annoying. Except for Rarity, sometimes she deserves it.

Twilight is using magic to help AJ and all the others out in pulling a cart, because 1. Twilight is not an earth pony, or hard working one. She’s unused to physical labor. 2. Magic is one of the things she’s good at. Isn’t the moral of this series to use your talents? and 3. She’s a girl. Girls are NOT as strong as guys are at physical labor. Face it, no matter how feminist we girls may be, we just simply have to admit that our bodies aren’t built to do bodybuilding, machinery, and other stuff like that. Girls are built for babies….sure, we girls can learn how to do those things, but again the physical disadvantage will always be there. Applejack yells at her and makes her cry.

Everyone starts to argue again and you realize the writing staff could have decided to pull out some other twist rather than have them all argue and fight, even when they’re not Discorded, but nope, laziness kicks in again. They could have come to a better plot twist than this, but instead they sink down to the same old writing cliche, and once again, it’s everyone picks on Twilight day.

Uh, guys, what happened to love and tolerance? What happened to not mistreating others because they’re different? Oh, right, because in Bridle Gossip and Call of the Cutie, Ponyville demonstrated that tolerance of others perfectly.

Ponyville is racist.

3. Sonic Rainboom

There are many reasons I hate Rarity. She’s arrogant, she looks like a fly with those eyelashes of hers, she’s self-centered, and a stereotype of so many things. Her acting in this episode was completely contrary to the element of generosity. But this one is not so bad when compared with others. RD wants to take part in a competition she’s always wanted to do, and what does Rarity do? Not offer support, but instead decide to show off and compete in it.

She dresses herself up in a butterfly outfit and starts parading around, and Rainbow saves her. Rarity does apologize, though.

2. A friend in deed

Stalking, as we’re all taught, is a terrible crime that no one should condone, and yet in this episode, Pinkie gets away with it. A donkey who has come to town and is an introvert, is being persecuted by Pinkie, an obnoxious extrovert, who doesn’t realize when she needs to give people space. She does everything she can to make this guy’s life miserable. And she gets away with it. She asks him embarrassing questions, and she wonders why he doesn’t want to be your friend. When someone doesn’t want to be your friend, you leave them alone. Capeesh? Pinkie does not understand when people don’t want to be her friend.

Stalking is not something you should condone.

There is one other episode here.

Tie-Breaker for episodes with worst morals: Luna Eclipsed and The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well.

Luna is tired of ponies treating her badly and acting like she’s a monster. Not only that, there’s a holiday dedicated to being scared of her and centered around hurting her feelings. Twilight tries to help her fit in, but Pinkie keeps ruining it by screaming and telling lies about Luna, thus hurting her deeply and preventing her from fitting in. Later on, Twilight tells Pinkie to quit doing this, and Pinkie replies that she knows Luna is a good person, but that it’s okay to be scared of her because it’s “all in good fun.” All in good fun? Pinkie, what happened to you? You used to be so likeable, and now you’ve just become plain mean. Luna was not in on the joke, and it is still a hideously cruel thing to do to someone.

TMMDW. See, Rainbow is arrogant. That’s her flaw. So we expect her to brag about saving people. So, yeah, she’s like a Gryffindor. So in one episode, Trixie is criticized for bragging because she’s a stage pony. Yet another one of my least favorite ones, but this one takes the cake for terrible. And….the worst thing is, in this one, a new pony called Mare-Do-Well shows up, stealing her credit and her fans, and at the end, in a cruel twist, it’s revealed that it was her friends. All five of them. Fluttershy, the element of Kindness, Pinkie, one of Rainbow’s closest friends, Applejack, who’s supposed to be the element of Honesty. All five of them, including Applejack, who LIED to RD, were going behind her back and bragging about Mare-do-Well’s achievements, stealing Rainbow’s fame, and boasting about their achievements. They made Rainbow feel horrible and at the end they have the nerve to tell her they did what they did to reduce her arrogance and ego. Bullcrap! Sure, Rainbow may be overconfident, but is that any reason to bully her? No.

They really should have been punished.