Welcome to my old, shitty blog. Hopefully, I can make things a little better and more interesting. I have since moved on to Tumblr, Fanfiction and still write up reviews for things like TV shows, video games, cartoons, and anime. But I will still post new articles here. I intend to write more things on anime in the distant future, so stick with me. I believe I will be putting up some new blogging articles shortly. So please do stick with me. There’ve been many new series I’ve gotten into that I wanna cover so badly, so stick with me.

My name is Shirotantei, obviously it’s not my real name, but if you want to call me something, call me Lucia, cause that’s the name of the main character of a book I’m gonna write someday. My father also has his own blog on here as well, but he and I write about different things entirely. I will be copying and pasting some old ones I wrote on Deviantart and hopefully they will receive some more attention and love. I’m twenty years old, and love to roleplay, blog and review things, write, and draw. In my spare time, I enjoy watching anime, enjoy watching the AVGN, Nostalgia Critic, Markiplier, and Pewdiepie and draw inspiration from the Nostalgia Critic when it comes to reviewing. You can find me on my deviantart account at kamentantei.deviantart.com, where I have some of my reviews there.

I’m pretty open-minded, so I will write about anything, really. Hope you enjoy the reviews.